Weird Weather


Shay Garverick, Reporter

“In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.”

-Mark Twain


Living in Colorado, the weather tends to be a little unpredictable. A day predicted to be in the high 70s turns out to be either in the high 90s or to lower 40s. Jackets and sunscreen are a thing to have every time one has to go out. The only, almost, reliable weather pattern here in Colorado is the precipitation percentage. Anything above 30% is a given for rain, snow, or fog.  These past few weeks, the weather had been foggy, cold, warm, sunny, and now covered in snow. Foggy and cold one hour, sunny and warm another. Snow comes and piles in yards while the roads are dry. The jokes based on Colorado weather being bipolar are completely true.


Compared to the weather this summer, our temperatures and weather patterns are fluctuating on a daily basis. On the seventh of October in Arvada, Colorado, there were winter storm warnings all day long while there was not a cloud in the sky. Sunday to Monday, October 8th to 9th, it was predicted that everything from above Denver to Pueblo that there was going to be snow from a range of three inches to a whole foot when the reality was that we received only an inch or two. Now, it is warm and sunny. Nobody can win against the odd weather. Luckily, the predicted weather, according to, Woodland Park is to be sunny for the rest of this week with highs in the high 50s and mid 60s. No chance for rainy weather so far! Except for the evenings when it will always be some form of cold weather.


Out of state, the weather is just as crazy. Fires in the North West, in Oregon, Montana and California. Hurricanes in the South East, from the tip of Texas and stretching up to New York from Hurricane Jose. We are stuck right in the middle, causing our funky weather.


Our constant weather changes have not only been affecting just the general atmosphere but allergy season too. When asked her opinion about the weather recently, Kim Steele, mother of Wayne Steele, said, “It affects me quite a bit. I have horrible allergies and with the weather changes, it affects me greatly.   When the weather is nice, things bloom, rain and snow creates moist conditions which affect my mold allergies and also the cold affects me because of the fireplaces….people burn wood and she is most allergic to the trees in this area.” Allergies are a main concern for many while our temperatures and weather patterns continue to change day in and day out.


Fall is in the air with winter right behind it. The trees are changing and losing their leaves while snow begins rolling in and covering the top of Pikes Peak. Snow days, heavier jackets, and thick mittens are going to be in our future as we get closer and closer to the end of 2017.