Treats On The Street


Isaac Schnierle, Writer

This yearly tradition of Treat Street brings together a community of all ages to create a safe and fun environment for trick or treating. The students of Stuco, Key club, and Beta club have put on this tradition year after year for almost 15 years. There was a total of about seventy four students that helped put on this immensely successful event. Student council and a number of other clubs spent nearly seven hundred dollars on candy alone. That’s not including the cakes, pies and cupcakes for the cake walk! Even after spending all that money, the students ran out of candy to hand out within the hour and a half. I had the opportunity to interview Calli Walters about the entire process, to which she elaborated “We had around seven hundred parents and children that came to Treat Street, which is incredible! It’s a free event for everyone who comes, including parents who can participate in games as well as the family favorite, the cake walk.” I also was able to join in with the students who were handing out candy to the children, which i really enjoyed and it gave me the opportunity to interact with the community. My favorite part was seeing all the unique and well put together costumes that many children and even some parents had! My favorite costumes were the family that dressed up as all the ninja turtles and even brought empty pizza boxes which really added to the ambience of the costumes.  All the students who put on Treat Street were required to dress up and the costumes were all very interesting to say the least!

As well as Treat Street going on, we also put on the haunted house in the auditorium, which made this year’s turn out quite large for each of the activities! The line for the haunted house was to the door every time I glanced at it, which to me was amazing that so many people showed up to support our High School! We raised quite a bit of money to use for student council from the haunted house. Many of our own students helped out including Isabel Rossi and Breezy Martinez who set up a photo booth and offered pictures for a small fee. The pictures would print off right away and be available to them instantly which i thought was awesome! Overall, this year’s Halloween productions were a success, thanks to all the students and staff who helped put these events on.