Future State Of America Debatable


Emilie Wipprecht, Writer

As I watched America’s first presidential debate of the year, I immediately recognized the election as a whole may be concentrated on the differences in the policy positions of Clinton and Trump. However, debate itself emphasized the different paths taken by the candidates in preparing for the event at Hofstra University. It’s no doubt that this year’s presidential debate was unlike any we have seen before. Presidential debates work in the way that show the people what the candidates have to offer and how they plan to fix ongoing problems our country has been facing. This year’s debate worked a little differently however. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton took the stands unprepared for a debate, but overly prepared for a fight.

Lester Hult welcomed candidates to the stands and started the night off, talking about a specific issue that voters expressed to be most important to our country; jobs. Hult continued to talk around the subject of articulating polices, values, morals, and achieving prosperity within job growth. Hult then turned the first question of the night to Secretary Clinton.

“Why are you a better choice than you opponent to create more jobs for the American people?”

Clinton started off thanking the University for hosting the debate, and then thanked Trump for being there as well. She then moved into her well thought out answer on job growth throughout America. She proceeded with telling America that we need to 1st build an economy that works for all American classes, just not the top class. She then spoke of finding new, good jobs with rising incomes so we are able to invest in the people’s future. Renewable energy, small businesses and minimum wage were also some ideas Clinton had brought to the table. She then spoke of advancing technology, manufacturing innovation, and renewable energy to create more jobs. Hilary focused on the point of supporting families that are struggling, paid family leaving, and affordable child care and closing corporate loop holes. Secretary Clinton finished her answer with the argument that the United States should vote in a candidate that could accept the immense responsibility and put polices into process as quickly as possible.

After Clinton was finished expressing her ideas and arguments, America’s other candidate, Donald Trump, took a little more aggressive perspective on the subject. Trump started off his argument that one of the main reasons Americans cannot find jobs is based on the fact that our jobs are in other countries. He argued that China, Mexico and many other countries have stolen our jobs by manipulating our factories to either move to their countries, or sending their people to America to work for us instead. Trump stated that Mexico is building some of the largest factories and manufacturing plants in the world and while they do so, they are also using America as a piggy bank. After Trump spelled out his point of American jobs leaving our country he then, for the first time, told the people that Hilary and himself finally agree on one thing; affordable child care. He said that they might have disagreed on numbers, but in the end they were able to agree that affordable child care was a main point to fix.


After Hult stepped in for a moment to asked Secretary Clinton to respond, the heat continued to rise as Trump was quick to respond as well. Trump readily argued that Clinton was unqualified to fix our countries economic problems and that she had zero stamina.

Clinton spiked back with, “Well, as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a ceasefire, a release of dissidents … or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina.”

From there on out the debate turned less into a debate and more into an embarrassing, yet rather entertaining fight. After the ongoing discussion about global warming and renewable energy, Trumped quickly shut any of Clinton’s insults or arguments down with rudely interrupting her, or bringing up previous corrupt situations Clinton had been involved in. Multiple times Hult tried to chime in and get our running candidates back on track, but multiple times did our candidates rudely interrupt him and shut him down as well. Comebacks, insults, and blatant disrespect flew around the stands between Clinton and Trump for the next hour and a half.

The rest of the debate, both running candidates argued back and forth about jobs in America, Hilary’s emails, Trumps taxes, the direction of America, racial profiling, weapons manufacturing, law and order, police brutality, American security, war, and nuclear weapons.

As the night progressed, tensions got higher and our candidates were thrown more and more pressure as the night moved on. Intentions were high throughout the whole debate but critically misguided. By the end of the debates, Clinton, Trump, Hult, the audience, and the millions of American viewers were drained, and left wondering which one of our candidates will become our next president.