9/11 Victims Bill


Tanner Hardcastle, Writer

The 9/11 Victims Bill, a very controversial bill, was just passed by Congress. President Obama vetoed the bill, but very recently the Senate and the House decided to overturn the veto  97 – 1 by the Senate and 348 – 77 by the House, a landslide in terms of majority. Although so many in Congress desire to have this bill become law, many are still skeptical and wary of future detriments against the U.S. economy. President Obama said that “Enacting [this legislation] into law, however, would neither protect Americans from terrorist attacks nor improve the effectiveness of our response to such attacks.”, The Wall Street Journal also commented, “Wouldn’t you know that Congress finally challenges President Obama on foreign policy, and it’s in a bad cause that will harm US interests. Too bad the president did so little to stop it.” Despite the skepticism, many congressmen and women voted to overturn the veto in hopes of bringing justice to the families of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A noble cause indeed, but the passing of this bill could cause future implications that could potentially have immense repercussions on both our economy and our working middle class. The world’s economy is held in a very delicate balance, with the U.S. auctioning “bonds”, or “debt” to other countries. Therefore, keeping good relations with our “shareholders,” is essential. That being said, Saudi Arabia is the 3rd largest foreign holder of U.S. debt, and our relationship with the country is already strained, the passing of this bill strains our relationship even more, so much so that Saudi Arabia has even threatened to go as far as unloading hundreds of billions of dollars worth of assets inside the United States. This would be especially bad considering that we are currently losing money, the U.S. GDP has a lower percentage than our national debt. Although there are many people who a very nervous and wary of what this bill might bring for the future, we can only patiently await what may or may not emerge from the passing of this very notorious bill.