Textbooks VS Tablets!?!?


Angelo Salazar, Writer

Modern technology is an amazing thing. It allows us to gather information much quicker, helps us interact with one another, and can help improve our education. So wouldn’t be great if our school would be able to find enough money to get students modern technology? Our school today already lacks efficient technology, considering we are not able to have enough computers for our students. Teachers are always having to schedule  appointments to get their students in a computer lab, and often there are scheduling issues. Sometimes there are not even enough computers for all the students. WPHS is a great place, and deserving of great things! One of those great things should be funding for laptops, or tablets for all students and staff. This will help further our education, and all students would certainly love to have their own tablet. I feel that it would be helpful in the pursuit of making education fun and more exciting. Plus, It would help limit the weight  students carry in their backpack. Instead of carrying around a 30 pound backpack with three textbooks and essentials for  every subject in it, they can carry around a 10 pound backpack. This also helps reduce stress on a person’s back. You can also use it for personal uses as well, such as listening to music when appropriate in class, and when not busy with schoolwork, you can relax in class and use your tablet for entertainment. There are so many benefits to having these for our student body that it’s a fools venture to try and list them all. My research shows our school has got a large amount of funding from taxes, and a portion of that could go towards these tablets. It would be very beneficial to teachers  because they will not have to wait to get their class to a computer lab. It will allow students to look up information faster so they can stay caught up in class. I personally believe that modern technology will improve the way students think, and will change the way teachers teach. I spoke with our football coach, health teacher, and weights instructor Ray Thomas. I asked him what his thoughts would be if our school was able to fund for tablets. He replied with, “ I think it is an awesome idea. But, I believe there should be some kind of security measures on them so students do not get distracted.” I also asked Thomas if he believes that it will increase the way student think, and he said, “Yes I do, and technology is advancing anyway, so we might as well start teaching with more and more advanced stuff.” My final question for Thomas was how these tablets could be beneficial in his classes. His response was, “Kids in my weights class wouldn’t have to use their phones to checked workouts and they can just carry it around with them in the weight room, and for my health class it’s completely beneficial because you can do all kinds of stuff with the tablets.” So not only is this idea good for our students, but to our teachers and administration as well.