Homecoming 2016: A Dance With Fate


Tyler Damico, Senior Editor

Dancing is art at its most primal. The intricate actions, the expression through movement; it’s truly a beautiful and moving experience. Plus, it was a pretty fun time. Despite writing about our past dances last year, I had yet to experience one firsthand. Walking into that darkened and hallowed gymnasium, I had no idea what to expect. What perceivable wonders were awaiting me beyond those doors?


As I entered, I first noticed what many would describe as;” bumpin’ tunes.” When analyzing the ingredients that go into school dances, many would argue that music selection is the key ingredient that brings everything together. Selecting music is especially difficult for a school dance. When asked about selecting music, the DJ, Grant Williams, had this to say. “It’s very hard to pick the songs because you want to appeal to everyone’s liking. So with that you have to choose different genres and step out of your own comfort zone. But I think tonight it worked out.” I would have to agree with him. A large array of songs were on display, from oldies like Hey Ya by Outkast and Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, to modern day classics like Drake. When all was said and done, even the most reluctant of dancers found their bodies inexplicably moving to the beat.
While many, including myself, found solace on the dance floor, the night was not without some controversy.   On the outskirts of the dance floor, a number of various faculty members  circled dancers like hungry vultures, keeping a sharp eye out for grinding and various other nefarious deeds. As far as I can tell, a very little number of dancers were removed from the dance, with a few exceptions. Other than that, I think the dance was a worthy end to homecoming week. The vibes were generally positive, many had a good time, and dance moves were indeed busted.