New Teachers 2016


Angelo Salazar, Writer

This 2016-2017 school year has finally kicked off! Woodland Park High school students are excited for this year and are ready to learn. This year we have new teachers in our amazing building who are on fire and ready to instruct our outstanding panthers. Throughout the first few weeks, I got the opportunity to interview these new staff members and get an idea of who they are, and where they came from. I spoke with our new math teacher Robert Applegate who is an excellent instructor for the high school level of education. Applegate came from Kit Carson, Colorado, and enjoyed teaching there. I asked Applegate how he was liking our high school so far and he replied,“ I really like the students here, and they make teaching fun.” I also asked Applegate what his favorite part about this school year so far, “ I really like designing a Jeopardy math game for my Algebra 2 students.” My last question for Applegate was how he feels about Woodland Park’s students? He said, “ I think the students here are very respectful, and some have said they like the way I teach math!” Another great staff member that joined our Panther family is Allison Ring. Mrs. Ring came from El Paso, Texas and is also a former yearbook and newspaper teacher, which she taught for seven years. Ring taught at her other school for seventeen years. I asked Ring what has she liked about WPHS so far and she said, “Woodland Park High School is an amazing and beautiful school and I am so fortunate to be part of this community.” I also asked Ring what has she liked about her students so far as well. She said, “ My students are very polite and hardworking for the most part. I am very impressed on how serious they take their academics. That was missing at my other school unfortunately.” A awesome fact about Ring is that when she is not teaching she is a semi professional musician and makes her own music. She has a new single called “Anything but Love”  Another teacher I got the privilege to speak to is Lacey Elliot. Mrs. Elliot was most recently working at a teacher program and Colorado State University-Pueblo. Before that she worked as a Kindergarten teacher with Falcon District. Elliott says, “The students and staff of WPHS have been very welcoming.” Elliot’s favorite part about our school so far is being at the same school her two sons attend. These teachers have came to our district to help our students better their education, and we are excited to have them. Thank you new staff members, and welcome to Woodland Park High School!