Homecoming Week Wrap Up and In Depth Analysis

Isaac Schnierle , Writer

This past week was homecoming spirit week, dance and football game. Homecoming spirit week started with class clash, then followed by tye dye day, cowboy day on Wednesday, pajama day then at the end of the week on friday with spirit day. On Wednesday we had our homecoming parade which is always a great way to bring the community together for a few hours of fun and ending with the city wide bonfire at the middle school this year! We also had a student DJ, Grant Williams, playing music at the bonfire! To end our homecoming week, we had our football game against the Discovery Canyon Thunder who were undefeated going into the game on Friday night. Their defense shut us down when we tried consecutive runs up the middle and our Panthers ended up punting eight times. Discovery Canyon blew our Panthers out 48-0, with it being 41-0 at the end of the first half.

We still had the homecoming dance to look forward to on Saturday night though, right? I had the opportunity to help student council with their efforts to decorate the gymnasium and hallways for the dance, which theme was space. The leaders of student council had an idea to make our centerpiece a rocketship made completely out of balloons. While I and  many others spent countless hours trying to get the rocketship perfect, we ended up having to scrap that idea to have time to finish all of the other projects that needed to be done. Those included the splatter painting to look like galaxies and the hanging of the disco ball. I asked Gretchen Riggle, the student council executive treasurer, about the process as she was in charge of most of the decoration. She described the process  as “exhausting”. This entire process took almost six hours to complete, but it ended up looking flawless! We had many teachers as well as students who weren’t in student council help with this process. The hallway with the Mars theme looked absolutely incredible, but my favorite part was the glow splatter paint which really made the black paper look like space! I know I as well as everyone else who helped couldn’t wait to see how everything turned out on Saturday night during the dance.

My first impression of the dance floor and hallways was that it was amazing as to what students and a couple teachers could do in just a few short hours time. The disco ball really brought the whole space theme to life. The music added to the awesomeness of the dance thanks to Grant Williams, who also DJ’d the dance, and Emily Hopfe who helped select the music. I can speak for most others when I say this year’s homecoming week was a blast!