Netflix Highlights: Dexter

Shelby Langlois, Reporter

When it comes to TV shows and all of the different options out there, people are guaranteed to have different interests. Netflix has many options, and some of these include Netflix Exclusive originals that you can ONLY get on Netflix. Some shows that appear on Netflix are either older, or they are pretty popular and will make a lot of money for the Netflix company. There are so many different choices for which genre you would like to watch. There is comedy, horror, children’s shows, drama, mystery, and so much more. The highlight in this case is Horror with some mystery and drama mixed into it. One of the most well known shows that first presented on Showtime in October, 2006. The first episode aired on October 1, 2006 and lasted all the way to September 22, 2013. It appeared on Netflix for fans to rewatch or for new people to discover it. It became very successful after it appeared on Netflix and has been a hit ever since. Most people are attracted to the story itself, but others like to show for the cast and their talents in how they portray the show. For the people who are drawn to the story line, there is certainly so much to be attracted to. There are twists and attention-grabbing moments in every episode. The main story is pretty straight forward and it seems easy to keep up with: Dexter is a serial killer who ONLY kills people who have already killed and have given Dexter a reason to do so. Dexter grew up with a pretty interesting situation. He has always had a cerian interest for killing things, not just people. When he was growing up, Dexter had urges to kill things. He began with animals and eventually moved up to killing people. His father had always helped him with his urges and helped him to become the man he grew up to be. His father was never happy about his urges and the fact that Dexter wanted to kill anything at all, but he was certainly going to help his son to not get himself into trouble. His father also probably had some sympathy for him, considering Dexter is a foster child because his mother died when Dexter was very, very young. Harry, Dexter’s foster father, was a cop and took Dexter in when his mother passed. When some students were asked about their opinions on the show, some people said it was pretty repetitive and sort of predictable. Other people said they loved how intriguing it was and would give it a pretty high rating. This show is one of the most well-known ones, weather people have seen it or not. A pretty high percentage of people know the show and have an opinion on it. Horror shows aren’t really for everyone, but for the people who like the genre, this is definitely a favorite among fans.