Authors Mindset

Michael Colvin, Reporter

When I begin to create a story I think, what do I want to set this in and what will happen. Every story has some sort of time period it’s in. There’s always a setting to make a good story as well as good character development and good use of the universe you are in. Say that I was to make a World War 2 novel on the German western front with a Panzer crew as a commander of the tank. From there, character development begins. You take one whole chapter of at least 2 pages in order to develop a character from personality, relation towards people around them, as well as anything that’d change their interaction between people and other things. There are many things that can be added onto a story such as anything to make a story more futuristic or closer to someone’s likings. It’s hard to write a novel without having a base of a story and it’s always best to come up with the idea of a story and put it together on a storyboard and put it all in one chapter to introduce the new reader to your universe. Whether it’s a custom universe, a universe many aren’t used to, or a universe many people know of. Whether a universe or timeline for your story. It is totally dependent on the author whether they wish to collaborate with someone in order to work together to make a story or work together in order to make an idea for a story. Even illustrations. When it comes to myself writing, I usually use a universe or timeline that already exists and from there, I make a story and continue to build off what the chapters have. I usually make things impromptu meaning I have no plan or anything that involves a pre-sketch of how things are going to work. When it comes to chapters I think the basic idea. Say I was writing about the series of movies starting with Jin-Roh as it’s a prequel. Using that as the base and forming from the story. The backstory is that Japan has a totalitarian government and there have been multiple riots against the police and it’s a government system, while there is a paramilitary service that exists in order to assist in operations that would be too dangerous for the police, things that involve terrorism or terrorists. Knowing the backstory has a mention of mass riots, I would open up with a building riot with police against the civilians. The civilians were also mentioned to show violence towards their police force, meaning rocks, molotovs, and if the police pushed themselves onto the civilians too much, there may even be lethal weaponry. In conclusion, you start with a base and build from that. As you build off to make many more chapters you finish it up with a big end to one of the sides, whether it’s the protagonist or the antagonists’ fall.