The fight for the future


Esther Burcea, Reporter

Technology has evidently become a big part of the world, it has changed the ways we live day to day and it has made and continues to make many lives easier. There are many companies that produce electronics constantly and these companies work hard to elevate and increase the ways technology perform to new and unimaginable levels. One of the most successful developers in this field was college dropout Steve jobs and alongside him Steve Wozniak. The vision Steve Jobs had for apple was to “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.” Jobs reinvented the phone and raised the standard for other developers until his early death at 56 from pancreatic cancer. The company continued Steve Jobs’ work and came out with new technology every year.

One of the other giants in technology development is Samsung. The company Samsung was established in Seoul, North Korea and founded by Lee Byung-chul as a trading company. Now Samsung is a powerful company that has taken up a big part the technology industry. How ever the real question is which company users prefer. Apple has a simple and clean layout which makes many users comfortable, and it’s overall a clean modern phone. On the other hand the Samsung phone isn’t as user friendly and the phone takes a lot of time to get used to, however the quality of the phone is unbeatable. Samsung products have OLED displays that enhances the viewing experience for consumers and makes the colors in the phone more vibrant.

To figure out which of these products customers preferred, I started a poll on Instagram that simply stated Apple or Samsung? The results were predictable with %80 of votes going to Apple and %20 of voters choosing Samsung. Samsung usually isn’t the top pick for users with a more simple way of living. Many users that took the poll stated that they preferred apple because of the many features it has that Samsung doesn’t which overall makes the phone easier to use. One thing many of these participants said was “Apple is so much more user friendly, It has a better app range, well designed emojis, easier to text on, and it has many features that help connect with other IOS users such as Airdrop.” Nicholai Vogel a student at Woodland park high school stated that, “The android Application programming interface is weak, and the post processing for the camera is non-existent, and apple has a great workflow that samsung lacks.” Nicholai is a photographer and even though he has a personal camera he wouldn’t recommend Samsung for post editing or even photo taking. While the minority of the people that took part in the poll chose Samsung the majority chose Apple.

Apple has been conquering the tech industry since 2007, however the death of Steve Jobs impacted the company greatly. Steve had an enormous vision for his company, so without steves ideas constantly rolling in to make the company better, apple turned to the only thing keeping their company relevant, which was money. This transition from focusing on making  new products for consumes to love and enjoy, turned in to a question of how we can keep the money coming in without increasing the quality. One main thing that showed that Apple was chasing money not quality was the recent release of the iPhone XR. The iPhone XR was branded as the budget alternative, however apple made little changes to the XR. To see just how duralable the XR is I  headed to Youtube and looked for a review video on the iPhone. The video by creator “JerryRigEverything” in particular caught my attention. This video is a breakdown of the XR, and in it he states” There has been a 1080p resolution standard across computer screens, TVs and cell phones for the past three years. Even the iPhone 6 Plus released 4 years ago had a super defined 1080p display, but Apple recently dropped the iPhone XR from a high definition 1080p screen down to just 828, you could always say that iPhone users don’t care much about specs but, there’s a line that got crossed when Apple takes advantage of that and keeps the high price of $800 after tax, while handing out hardware from 5 years ago.” This quote made me wonder if iPhone users don’t care as much for the phone quality as much as they care for the status symbol that comes with it. Another thing that doesn’t add up, is that the manufacturing cost for the iPhone X (64 GB) is $370.25 and the phones retail price was $999 when first released.

Whether or not you prefer apple over Samsung or vise versa the facts are simply that Apple hasn’t been the same since the death of their CEO. Steve Jobs looked for ways to constantly improve the iPhone and met new technological challenges along the way, however it is clear that Apple now strives for quantity over quality.