Kicking off the year


Michael Colvin, Reporter


The year is kicking off and I went to go check up on at least one person from every graduation year. To start off with we’ll go talk with one of the freshmen starting in a new school. Hopefully, they’ve been getting along well. I interviewed Lucas Hancock, currently a freshman. The best part of the year for him currently is being able to see friends. One thing he looks forward to is passing the freshman year. His transition from middle school to high school is going well. One thing he wants to change this year is his grades since he had some failing grades last year. Afterward, I went to go interview a sophomore. I interviewed Andrew Kleppe, currently 15 and a sophomore, the best thing in the year for him so far is him seeing friends and playing sports. One thing he looked forward to this year is the poetry class and keeping up the sports. One thing he wants to change this year is having geometry be easier. Some mistakes he made last year was his procrastination. He wants to change the procrastination this year in hopes of no longer turning in assignments at the last minute or late. Some new experiences he had this year was joining the soccer team and the hockey team. I went to then interview a junior for the perspective of going into the school year and being able to go off campus. I interviewed Dylan Arena, currently 16 and a junior, the best part of this year so far is the welding classes with Mr. Adamson. Things he looks forward to this year would be getting into advanced welding classes and some other things in the engineering class. He procrastinated a little too much last year so he’s trying his best this year to fix that. He said that nothing interesting has happened so far, just the average year of a high school student by going through the motions of school. I went to go interview a senior so I can get the graduating year’s perspective from one student. I interviewed Jaeger Rokey, currently 17 and a senior, the best part of this year so far is cross country. One thing he looks forward this year sports wise would be track and academics wise he looks forward to the principles of engineering class. One thing he would change this year would be to change classes from blended learning, only because online classes isn’t his thing. Some mistakes he made last year would be him not socializing that often last year and not knowing the majority of the people at school. He hasn’t had any exciting experiences this year either. It seems that all the graduating years of WPHS are having a good kick off for the first quarter. We see students making changes to the mistakes they made last year hoping to become a better student either sports wise or academics wise. In the end the high school still has strong students. Let’s all wish the best for this years start, for a lot is waiting ahead of us.