WPHS Under the Lens

WPHS Under the Lens

Deborah Burcea and Esther Burcea

As students at Woodland Park High School, we have experienced different changes in faculty.

We have a variety of new teachers and a wide variety of teachers who have been here quite a while. We

interviewed Ms. Crist who is a first year teacher, Mrs. Cummings who is French and English teacher, and

has been here since 1991, and Mr. Martin who has been a high school counselor for quite a while now. We

asked each of them questions about Woodland Park High School, the community, and the student culture.

While interviewing Mrs. Cummings, she said that throughout the years at Woodland Park High School she noticed a decline in enrollment of students and different programs that were offered to students got

smaller which has caused some of our programs to end. Mrs. Cummings also made a point that as a

teacher she enjoys being here everyday and teaching her students. Despite the decline in enrollment and

the constant come and go of students, Mrs. Cummings strives to work with students to be flexible with

their schedules outside of school such as sports, work, and other extracurricular activities so that they can

be successful in her classes and keep up with their work.

Another staff member that was interviewed was a first year teacher, Ms. Crist. Ms. Crist is super

excited to have the opportunity to teach at Woodland Park High School. Ms. Crist is new to the area, and

when we asked her what she thought about the area she went on to explain how much she loved it.

Ms. Crist came from a school with 1,500 students, and the culture and community wasn’t the same. What

Ms. Crist noticed about woodland Park is the sense of community. She realized that the Students here are

very friendly and are well acquainted with each other. During the interview it was also mentioned that

every time she goes into town she sees one of her students. The same thing occurs when walking down

the hallways, she is always greeted by smiles and knows every kid that walks down the hallway. Even

though Ms. Crist is a new teacher to WP, she has enjoyed her time so far and is excited to see what this

year will bring.

It was a pleasure to discuss these topics with Mrs. Cummings and Ms. Crist, and it was enlightening to

see their points of views on Woodland Park High School. It was quite the experience, and we learned

things from Mrs. Cummings that we didn’t know about Woodland Park, even after living in the area for 8

years. Even though Ms. Crist hasn’t lived here for as long, talking to her brought back memories from the

first time I experienced the beauty and small town vibe of Woodland Park. Not only did the different

perspectives give us a different idea of the staff, it also taught us a lot about the community and culture in

Woodland Park.