Homecoming week!!


Destiny Haycock , Reporter

Well! Homecoming week is finally here, you know what that means!! Monday, October 9th- wear your Panther Spirit colors! Tuesday, October 10th- you can just roll out of bed, and hop on the bus to school because guess what, it’s PJ day! Wednesday, October 11th- it is time for some color! Wear your most bright colors for neon day! After that, comes character day! You best go to a store and buy some spongebob square pants onesies on Thursday, October 12th! Don’t forget that Friday, October 13th is your class clash day of the week! Support your grade and be prepared to wear your color that matches your grade! Freshman are red, juniors are blue, sophomores are yellow, and seniors are black and green! Finally, Saturday, October 14th, is the homecoming dance of 2k17!!! It will be a neon themed dance. It will be in the main gym of WPHS from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. Tickets will be $13 at any lunch between this week and next week. They will be $15 at the door, so be sure to buy them at your lunch! Also, there will be a barbeque at lunch, Wednesday, October 11th at both lunches. There will be music and games! It will be fun, so go, and have a great time with your friends. In our hallways at WPHS, we have a tradition where we decorate the halls with very fun, fancy things. For example, we have streamers, christmas lights, black lights, and paper chain links, balloons, and many more things. Also, don’t forget that during this week, Wednesday, October 11th, is also the Homecoming bonfire of the year, along with the Woodland Park Homecoming parade! People make floats and ride on them through the whole town.Friday, October 13th, is quite a few things. We have the homecoming football game, the tailgate project, the pep rally, which will be in the main gym during school hours, and it is also Friday the thirteenth! Wow, what a week this will be. I bet the football players are stressing about the game, as well as some of the freshman and people who are getting ready for the dance. This time of year is pretty dang stressful for a lot of people. But, for others, this might be the less stressful time, most fun time, or even the best time of high school for some! So far, we have blown through Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! The events have been really successful these past couple of days. I went around and asked some people what their favorite part of homecoming week is, Allie Enger says “My favorite part of Homecoming week was the bonfire or the football game.” The bonfire was amazing, there were lots of people, and music. Homecoming week was definitely a blast! I can not wait until next year, to experience this again!