Introducing the New WPHS Music Teacher


Will Passink, Reporter

This year, Woodland Park School District welcomed some new teachers and staff who hold several different positions. Two positions that needed to be filled were the band and choir teachers. Instead of hiring two new teachers, both the positions were filled by one person, Jeffrey Hemingson. Becoming the only teacher for a position that at this point last year was held by two teachers is definitely not an easy task, especially since the music-based classes have many more after-school activities than most other subjects. 

When asked about which activities and classes he is a part of, Mr. Hemingson replied, “Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Madrigals, Show Choir, Concert Choir, Select Ladies Ensemble, Men’s Ensemble, Marching Band, and Pep Band.” Being responsible for that many different classes and activities could become stressful very easily, but not for Mr. Hemingson. When asked about how he was enjoying his time at WPHS so far, he replied “I love WPHS!  I actually grew up here, and it’s been amazing to be back as the music teacher. I love the school and everyone in it, I think the culture is excellent, and I take pride in what I do.  I feel very blessed to be part of such a wonderful school and community.” 

   To have a teacher that is passionate about the subject they teach is a wonderful thing, and passionate is exactly what Mr. Hemingson is. He elaborated on the highlights of his time so far at WPHS saying, “ I love seeing my students learn and grow both as musicians and individuals. I love making music with my students and I love seeing them grow and gain confidence through that process.” 

The school is not the only thing that Jeffrey is enjoying either. After being asked about how he is enjoying the community of Woodland Park, he answered, “Like I said, I grew up here in Woodland Park! I went to Gateway, then to WPMS (when it was brand new), and WPHS. I played french horn in wind ensemble and sang bass in Madrigals for three years, and men’s ensemble for four years. Woodland Park is a special and unique place, and I am proud to be a part of it!” Woodland Park is definitely a special and unique place and to have people at our high school like Mr. Hemingson, who feel the same way and genuinely enjoy teaching is something that should not be taken for granted.