Key Club 2020-21: Service Projects in a Pandemic


Will Passink, Reporter

   This year, just about every club and activity at the high school level is having trouble operating normally because of the pandemic circumstances. However, these groups are finding alternative ways to operate and are doing the best they can. The Woodland Park High School Key Club has been adapting very well. The club has not been allowed to meet in person at all and they have been restricted to only virtual meetings which have added even more difficulties. In addition, the club got a late start and couldn’t host meetings until late November, varying from previous years where volunteer opportunities started in August.     

     Speaking on some of the additional struggles of this year, club sponsor Nathanial Owen stated that “We do not have as high attendance because we have to meet virtually. The district convention will also be held virtually. Student President of the club Kyla Wells elaborated further on this same subject saying “It has been a challenge finding service projects that we’re able to do with the restrictions.”  

     Although the club was not able to find a lot of different projects, they did find one. Kyla described this project by saying “We’ve been working on a fundraiser for the children of Tuluksak, Alaska. Their village is very underprivileged so we’re trying to send supplies, clothes, and snacks to them through an Amazon registry. It’s called ‘Helping Hands 4 Tuluksak.’” The opportunity to be able to help with a cause like this one is something that isn’t being taken for granted. When asked what her favorite part of this year has been, Wells replied “My favorite part of Key club this year has been reaching out and helping people that are thousands of miles away. It’s such a great feeling being able to contribute to the lives of people who need it the most.” This attitude is one that seems to be shared amongst the whole club. 

      Mr. Owen stated that his favorite part of this year has been “The meetings that we have done this year. They have been really inspiring with these student’s dedication to building the community.” Even though it has been difficult to find projects to do, they are staying dedicated and are still trying to find ways to help. When asked if there were any additional projects the club planned to do, Kyla answered “We’re going to try and work with Community Partnership to partner up with some elders to bring them some joy by writing letters and connecting with them.” Key club will continue to do what they can and have a positive effect on the community through the rest of this difficult year.