Journalism at it’s worst

Journalism is a powerful thing that can give people the information on the current states of events in the world, however in the year of 2020 things have transpired to many media driven statements. These statements are usually highly opinionated and could possibly be even false information. The impact of these statements are very powerful and they show the effect of spreading false information throughout the country. When the average American reads an article there will always be the suspicion of the information being fake. With the current pandemic going on most of what people talk about is what they see on the media or media driven. When most people see a statement in quotation marks they automatically believe that the quote hasn’t been taken out of context or just outright faked. Examples of this would be articles like the ones below  that are filled to the brim with opinionated statements and conspiracy theories that really have no merit or evidence to support their claims. This is very dangerous because it can change people’s opinions and lead them to think a certain way that is all based on nothing, but lies. The issue of these fake articles is that they are usually more successful than the articles that are spreading real and true information that is used to benefit the public. It’s just basic human nature that if somebody sees a crazy headline with a ridiculous title then they are going to click on it. Some of the major statements that are occurring through these articles would be, Trump telling citizens that they should drink clorox to get rid of the virus or saying that the virus was created in a larotory in Woo Han. These articles are usually politically driven to get the reader to take the side of the writer and get their attention. When it comes to the right wing side of the internet one of the major themes in fake news is the demonization of the Chinese Government and when it comes to the left wing side of fake news, the major theme is the demonization of Trump with the clorox quote and the many others. This is terrible to see for the world of journalism because it shows people that the successful stories are usually false. This gives a great form of expression that we know as journalism and it gives what we love so much a terrible reputation. This may benefit lazy journalists right now in the moment but in the long term plan this tactic of taking quotes out of context and using fake news will slowly kill journalism. The moral of the story is to respect this great form of expression and us as a society should not popurlize false information especially when the world is in such a vulnerable state.