Squad : The MILSIM Experience

Michael Colvin, reporter

People and communities have many activities some meant for real interaction while others are meant for online interaction. A military simulation or MILSIM is meant for both. Practical MILSIM events can be hosted throughout the world by the MILSIM west and east organizations. Although, I recently came face to face with a game known as Squad. Squad is an organized MILSIM game, in which you are a part of a platoon and squadron. There can be multiple different squads ranging with different people and levels of experience. Multiple people can become a squad leader in which they will lead their squad of 9 members into combat. The idea of Squad is to make secure and friendly communication lines, and in addition to having real tactics used within the experience. The Squad experience tests a person in communication and tactics. Whether it puts competence or intelligence to the test, and in certain situations both. Squad has a role system for each squadron, meaning if possible at all, there’s a chance your squadron can be filled with each role given. The experience makes it a MILSIM as people go with what they’re most comfortable with, which in this case would be a rifleman. Most new players in the community start off with rifleman and work towards larger classes with more responsibility within the Squad. My first experience in Squad occurred with many deaths, although it put my skills to the test. The ability to communicate and my ability to think tactically. It tests your ability to survive in dangerous situations as well as your awareness of the situation and surroundings. With this you’re given an opportunity to also focus and improve certain skills, whether or not you need to improve certain skills. Overall, Squad meets all my expectations for a MILSIM experience. While the people you’ll meet have a variety of experience whether they’ve played for months, weeks, or have just started playing. The Squad experience is meant for all people even if you aren’t going into the military. It’s recommended heavily to those who have an interest in military simulations or the military in general. While the keys may be complicated at first, it takes a certain amount of time to learn, and eventually it’ll just be instinct. Then comes identifying friendlies and enemies as there are no nametags or identification over their heads, the identification now being by uniform and equipment. Squad goes down to every single detail, and makes sure the experience is unique while being realistic. Overall, I highly recommend the game to anyone who takes interest in the military or military simulations.