Online Learning

The new online learning that the school has introduced is certainly a different experience for everybody involved and it is definitely going to take some time to get used to, however that does not mean we won’t make the best of it. All throughout the community, teachers and students are giving the new program their best effort and it’s certainly showing with the twenty four seven support from the teachers in the google hangouts. We asked students what they thought of the new online schooling system that has been put in place. Jared Blair stated, “It was a very different transfer from public schooling to online schooling. I get side tracked very easily and it sucks because I can’t see any of my friends, but overall I like online learning and think its a great experience for everyone”. However Woodland Park is not the only school that is doing online learning. We asked a student from the Air Academy what they thought about the new system. Leo Nudi stated, ”The new online learning system is a mess and it is very hard to keep track of assignments as well. Assignments also get put in too fast as well and you can never tell when things are due”. This is from the perspective of someone who is using the schoology system instead of the google classroom system that we use. Overall there are a lot of flaws that come with this new system, one of the main problems  being that a lot of the kids are unsupervised due to the fact that their parents are going to work every day and leaving them home alone in the house. This leads to plenty of time slacking off and without proper motivation it is very hard for these students to get their work done in a timely fashion and even when the work gets done there is nobody in the house to look over the student’s work. This is where the online help from the teachers comes in but it’s up to the students to reach out for that help and that where the issue comes in for lazy students. However not all of these new changes are negative, everyone can agree that getting to wake up at nine o’clock in the morning for school and only having to go to three or so classes a day is pretty great. While change can certainly be a scary thing however it is not always a bad thing.With literally millions of schools shut down across the world we all use different types of online schooling systems which we can see as beneficial or not, but in the end it’s all about figuring this out together.