Maintaining a High School education amidst the “Coronacation”

Shelby Langlois, reporter

In November of 2019, a new virus was born. The first case of this deadly virus was recorded on November 17th, 2019. More cases of this virus were discovered at the end of December in Wuhan, China. This was the first time that people all around the globe started to become concerned by this new threat. While many measures were taken to keep this virus from spreading past China, it still managed to make its way all around the world. Some of these measurements include Quarantine, extensive sanitary practices, and much more. Seeing as we are currently at the end of March in the year 2020, the virus has obviously grown and has made itself very well-known to each and every living person. Many countries around the world have started to be put under lock down and people in these countries have started to be forced to quarantine inside of their homes to prevent the spread of this virus. Because of all of this, schools have been closed down for the time being. Some schools in the US have made the decision to close down some schools in certain places for the remainder of the year. If the virus does not die down by the time the new school year is set to begin, there may not be school for the foreseeable future. Just because some schools have been closed for the rest of the school year does not mean that the students have been let go for their summer vacation. A new system has been introduced to allow students to continue their education for the remainder of the school year. The students will have to become a little more tech-savvy for a little while, because most if not all schools have switched over to a new online schooling system. This way, students can continue to receive the education they have been given previously. Most kids think this will be a pretty big learning curve, while other students are excited or the chance to stay home most of the time and do their work from the comfort of their own home. While other schools around the world are using an application called “Zoom” for their video chat calls with their teachers and peers, Woodland Park High School is using “Hangouts” from Google for their meetings. Different days have time for different classes. Each class lasts about an hour, and the rest of the day after the final chat is over is for the student to start work on the assignments they have been given. Any and all assignments that have been assigned have to be turned in by the following friday, unless special opportunities have been given to the students. Over all, we as a society have found a way to continue to educate the students of today, regardless of the deadly virus that threatens our world. It really shows us how we have evolved as a species as a whole, to be able to come up with something like this at a time like this.