US Relations : NATO and UN


Michael Colvin, reporter

In the present day, the United States is referred to as a world power and an international police force. Although, based on many presidents Donald Trump has made people start to question our relations with the military alliance, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). While our relations with the political and peaceful organization, the United Nations (UN), has been strong. One of the many things Trump said was, “I said a long time ago that NATO had problems: Number one, it was obsolete, because it was designed many, many years ago”. With this he registers NATO is obsolete and says that America will pull out and leave NATO. There are many reasons centered around NATO that would prevent America from leaving, especially in current times where a war can be around the corner with the middle east or other world powers. With us leaving the military alliance, we no longer gain military aid from allied nations within NATO. The only thing keeping our military support strong is the NATO alliance in which other nations assist the United States in the best ways they can. While the United Nations stands as an economic and political alliance, only to keep the peace through diplomatic methods and peace talks. Many of our allies at the NATO summit were denounced and received insults from Trump, clearly showing that Trump would leave NATO. Without our military alliance we would have no foothold in Europe peacefully without stepping into the grounds of NATO, which we would no longer be a part of. In order to step grounds anywhere else throughout the world we’d have to be part of the United Nations outfit. Which means that members in the United Nations outfit cannot engage with enemies and must focus on peace and humanitarian support. With that heavy focus we can’t mobilize ships, troops, or the military without a United Nations sanction. While NATO allows us to mobilize within reason that a threat of a war can occur. NATO gives us the power to mobilize quickly and without issue, giving us permission to engage from Commanding Officers instead of waiting on UN word to engage against the enemy. In case of invasion from enemy forces on American soil, we’d be backed by NATO military aid in order to defend our homeland and protect our birthplace. Without NATO we’d have to rely on the reserve units and National Guard within our military which wouldn’t be enough if standing up against a military of equal power. Knowing that one day this could happen, it’d be best to have a military alliance by our side to receive the needed assistance we see throughout European nations today with the Ukraine – Russian conflict. In conclusion, NATO serves as a military alliance that protects our nation and others. With the alliance giving assistance to our military and homeland during times of conflict. Each article stands for the defense of freedoms and rights, while securing all NATO territories. With our allies hurt from the criticism and doubt from our President, there’s no telling if NATO allies will support the United States for long.