United Nations : MINUSMA


Michael Colvin, reporter

Before going into this article completely on the topic of a United Nations Sanction, we must understand what MINUSMA stands for. MINUSMA is an acronym for, Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali. Jama’at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin (JNIM) an islamic terror organization claimed numerous attacks that were seen on the local militants and UN peacekeepers. They’ve continued to spread their influence in Northern Africa and continue to carry out attacks in the region. While Africa counts as a third world country, many first/second world powers in Europe are assisting Mali and many other regions in ensuring the stability and security of the government in the many regions of Africa. Many conditions of course were set up beforehand in order to ensure the security of the UN peacekeepers and the people of Mali. Member states aren’t allowed to take aircrafts directly into the area of the conflict, which is one of the many conditions. The second condition being, Assets Freeze. Meaning that any of the member states should not mobilize any assets into other territory while ensuring that no other member states are to step in to resolve the issues. Many of the other conditions are listed in criteria, an example would be that UN peacekeepers can’t engage the enemy in any cases unless they are being fired upon. The United Nations is stationed throughout regions of Africa in order to provide Humanitarian Aid and Security for many of their member nations. In return during times of conflict they will ensure the security of the people of Mali and the security of the government and its officials. The only foreign nation involved in the events in Mali is France. As many people take up the UN outfit in order to represent international peace and law. In wishes of resolving the conflict peacefully they have tried to bring up many peace talks with the organization while the people of Mali continue to be terrorized by the jihadist militants from JNIM. The UN is doing their best to resolve all issues and conflicts peacefully without an all out war in the region. Not including their other conflicts involving other organizations throughout the regions of Africa. All wishes hopefully go to the betterment of the situation where both the Malian government and JNIM can coexist peacefully.