The World of Sports Med

The world of sports med is one that is full of excitement and innovation that is all focused on making the human body perform at its best. The class has plenty of varied activities that the students take part in. These activities range from learning to put a sling on somebody or practicing what to do when tending to a wound. Students learn these skills by tackling them head on and actually going through the motions of what they are supposed to do in those situations. This is great because it gives the students a feel for what it is actually like to be in an intense situation such as tending to someone who has a serious injury. The class also explores topics such as what causes these injuries and ways to avoid them through activities like stretching and many others. One of the class’s students Granger Kinnie was asked about the class. He said ”The class is awesome ,everybody learns something new every day and we get to have fun at the same time.”  Learning is great but if you are able to have fun as well then that makes the class even better, and the sports med class knows all about that. The students are always engaged by the interesting and varied lesson plans and even getting the work done for is still interesting and fun. The best part about the class is the real world applications that it has once the students graduate high school. The class gives many students knowledge for future jobs such as being a nurse,medic or being involved in the medical world of professional sports. Not only does the class give students critical knowledge about the medical world but it also keeps them safe for when they injure themselves on the field or in everyday life. While taking the class is a challenge teaching it is a whole other ball park, It requires focus,knowledge and staying calm under pressure. Ms. Becker has been involved in the world of sports med since college and she is insanely passionate about the subject. Granger Kinnie stated “Ms. Becker is always trying her best to make the class interesting and I always leave the room with new knowledge that I did not have before.” The medical world is a very fast moving and intense environment to work in and that is some of the appeal of the class. It teaches students to work well under pressure and repair wounds using the knowledge they have learned from class.  From giving students well earned knowledge that is useful in the real world to having a fun and interesting class environment the sports med class is a perfect example of what a good medical class should look like.