The World of Foreign Language


Anthony Rossi , reporter

The world of foreign language is an interesting one that gives life to the halls of Woodland Park high school.  Classes like spanish, french and blended for different languages show that the students are always willing to learn about the cultures and the teachers are always willing to teach the students.  This passion from the teachers is what makes these classes so special and unique. While these classes are some of the best in the school that does not mean that the good grades come easy to the students. Every day students in the foreign language classes are working their hardest to improve and work on their language skills.  While the foreign language students work their tails off nothing compares to the planning, time and effort that is required for being a foreign language teacher. Learning a language is one thing but having the skills and knowledge to be able to teach that skill is a whole other ballpark. The challenge of being a foreign language teacher comes from having to make lesson plans that would work in english but also the foreign language they are teaching. Not only do the students learn the language themselves but they also get to learn about the rich and vibrant cultures that are behind the language they are teaching. Things like the food,religion,clothes and many other aspects of the culture are touched upon in the classes. These are pivotal aspects of these cultures and it gives the students an opportunity to learn the in and outs of the country’s languages and most importantly the people themselves that inhabit those countries.  One of the school’s foreign language students was asked what he liked about the class he said ”The foreign language classes are good for giving students something new to learn that they would not usually learn out in public.” -Garrett Hackney Learning a language is one of the most challenging things that a person can take on and that is the great part about the foregn language classes, it gives students a subject that requires high skill in grammar and memorization and those are both really important skills when becoming an adult in the real world. When Garret Hackney was asked about why these classes are important to him he stated ”These classes are important because everyday I am always learning something new in them and it is something that i’m actually interested in.” When it comes down to it, these classes are an essential piece to the puzzle that is high school and I can’t imagine life without this great learning opportunity that is foreign language. From spanish to blended learning languages nothing comes close to the experience of learning a language and getting to master it.