Nicolas Hale and Nik Rollins

With a new school year at Woodland park there comes a lot of changes. For instance this year at Woodland Park we have a brand new grading system, the standardized grading system. With this new grading system late work doesn’t count against you till the end of the semester, and you can’t really fail your classes. One more thing about the grading system is that just about everything for your classes are online, which a lot of students prefer, since it makes doing work at home a lot easier. Another new thing that also came this year was absences not counting against you. For some students absences not counting against them helps them a lot, as students go through a lot outside of school and may have other things to deal with such as being sick or family issues. Also with the new grading system most assignments for classes are online, this makes it much easier to complete classroom assignments when you can’t make it to school. On the other hand, some students don’t believe absences not counting against you is a good thing. The reason some people think absences not counting against you is a bad thing is because, in a way the school is telling us we don’t need to go to school and we can just do everything at home, and you’re not going to get in trouble for not showing up to school. I was curious to see what the students at Woodland Park thought about this new absence rule, Kaden Koksma stated that, “ It doesn’t really benefit the kids, it’s a detriment to their education. With having no absences makes kids more likely to not even show up to class because they can really do all the work online. Face to face interactions with teachers I think really is a necessity to our education”. With kids of the WPHS it might be bound to have a decrease in students showing up for class. Cole McNally, senior stated that, “ Absences this year are detrimental to our students education because students are skipping more classes, not getting hands on learning and taking the time to talk to their teachers about their grades. I feel like we should count absences in school so we can get the best education we can.” In conclusion, this school year we should count absences against students because they can take advantage of our system.