What’s the Deal with all These Generations?


Aramis Adcock, Reporter

It seems that whenever I make the mistake of using social media, I see phrases like “boomer” or “millennial” all over the place. These are terms used to describe different generations of people, but beyond that, I realized that I had no understanding of the significance behind these terms. So during this article, I want to take a deeper look into the meaning of the terms used for the generations of today.

Let’s start with the much-mocked boomer generation, which is also known as the baby boomer generation (1946-1964). This generation is that of our grandparents, as the baby boomers were named after the increase in the number of babies born post-World War 2. We tend to mock this generation for their lack of technical prowess and obliviousness to modern culture. Is this fair, though? I would say no. this generation grew up in a very different time. Commonly accepted behaviors and societal norms were not the same as today. And so it makes sense that “boomers” would behave differently; they were raised differently. I am not condemning boomer memes here. I do advocate more tolerance for this generation in real-life interactions. They did a ton for us. Take the Civil Rights Movement, for instance. The majority of progress that has been made towards racial equality was made by this generation. It is perfectly acceptable to mock this next generation.

Gen X (1961-1981) is the generation of our parents. Gen X is commonly categorized as being disaffected and directionless. The main cause of this was the shifting societal values of the day. In the seventies and eighties, the nation changed drastically. The political crisis that permeated during this time mixed with different civil rights emerged to tear apart the old world order, and this was the generation that had to create a new one. They should be given some slack.

Next up is Gen Y,(1981-1996) a.k.a millennials. This was the first generation in which the use of social media became predominant. 99.9% of millennials have an Instagram account. Older generations like to look at millennials as lazy snowflakes. This is not a fair assessment. All generations were like that at a certain point.

This last-generation is probably going to be the one that destroys the world. I’m talking about our generation, Gen Z. (1997-Present) Our generation is very technology-dependent. And, judging for tic toc, is mentally deficient. In all seriousness, This generation does not have a legacy yet, as it’s still too early to tell. This could be the generation that saves the world or destroy it, depending on our choices. Hopefully, we make good ones.