Resisting Drugs

Shelby Langlois, Reporter

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On January 15, 2020, the Seniors of Woodland Park High School gathered into the Dickson Auditorium at Woodland Park High School for a “presentation” from a guest speaker. This guest speaker was Nate WIlson. He came to Woodland Park High School to talk to the Seniors about drugs and his own story with them. He started his story with a strong grabber that got the attention of the audience. He began talking about something that happened to him as a child and how he could not focus on most of his activities as he was growing up because he had to keep such a big secret from the people around him. He was a kid who grew up going to church and being very involved with the activities within the school he was attending at the time. He played many sports as a student and eventually fell into a very big trap. He began taking some drugs while he was in his 8th grade year. The first drug he began using was weed. As he kept using this substance, he was introduced to more drugs, essentially seeing weed as a gateway drug into the more dangerous and life threatening drugs he began to use. Going to church and being a kid who was involved with the sports that his school had to offer did not stop him from getting himself stuck in the trap that drugs set up for people who are trying them. Nate began using more dangerous drugs when he was around 14, which led him even deeper into the trap he was starting to get into. He did not see many of the consequences at the start, which is why he was never stopped from exploring drugs even further. Drinking also became part of Nates life, which started his habit of drinking on the weekends. Having some drinks on the weekends eventually led him to start drinking more and more, which led just “Drinking on the weekends” to spill into drinking during the weekdays as well. Having all this drug and alcohol usage really hindered him from being able to deal with the death of some of the people around him. After graduation in 2006, Nate’s best friend had ended his own life by hanging himself. His girlfriend at the time had a baby, which died shortly after she had it. She was also using drugs when she was pregnant with her baby, which unfortunately led to her baby’s death. Nate have no coping skills for these huge things that happened in his life. As he grew up and was stuck with this drug addiction, more and more people he knew started to pass away from different causes. There were many deaths that happened around him that Nate did not talk about during his presentation, but he also had a hard time coping with those as well. He had fallen into some suicidal times in his life as he grew up and ended up attempting suicide many times. He had put a gun into his mouth the same night another guy he knew had also done the same thing and had actually succeeded. Nate did not end up pulling the trigger. He tried to hang himself one night in jail before he was bailed out by his parents on Christmas eve. Nate had a tough up-bringing which made him into the man he is today. He ended up being strong enough to keep going and get himself out of the drug addition he was battling. He wrote a book about his recovery from drug addiction. The book is called “Zero to Hero”. Nate is now a personal trainer and is doing very well despite his tough past.