Unique Companionship


Faith Pitzer , Reporter

Cats and dogs are too generic for some individuals. Less common home pets are more common than you think. Many people consider ordinary domestic animals too plain. Sometimes it’s best to have a pet that is unique and offers a different kind of companionship and temperament. Aidan Hoel, explains his unusual companionship. Aidan has a poison dart frog. “I have a green and black poison dart frog, that goes by the name of Heqet.” Aidan also states, “I’m not afraid of my frog, it’s actually pretty interesting and it’s worth watching him hop around!” Aidan also mentioned the risks of holding Heqet. It is possible to handle a poison dart frog, it is important to handle the animal with care. If you must pick up the poison dart frog, usually  when cleaning the terrarium, it should only be handled momentarily in regards to safety concerns. It is simply taking extra precautions and safety measures, not just for you, but for the croaker as well. Heqet is kept inside of a maintained terrarium, for his safety and security. Aidan expresses his fascination and interest with his new little amphibious friend. Mrs. Gibson, Gateway Elementary School teacher, explains she has a hedgehog, that bears the name, Herbie. Herbie is nocturnal so his sleep schedule is different. He lives in a fairly large cage with some heat lamps. Herbie has heat lamps for temperature regulation. Maintaining a reasonable and tolerable temperature status is crucial. Hedgehogs can go into hibernation, so keeping a safe temperature for Herbie is essential. He eats dry cat food, worms, and grasshoppers. Hedgehogs make a great pet for the home. She also adds, “I have loved Hedgehogs every since I was little and couldn’t have one in Australia because it’s illegal. When I found out you could have one as a pet in Colorado, I quickly started researching breeders and went on a waiting list for one which took a couple of months. I just love how cute and unique they are!” Bekah Taylor is in the means of purchasing a Moluccan cockatoo, which is native to the Indonesian area. She feels as if birds bring a unique companionship to the table. Birds offer a fun and divergent friendship with their pet owners, which makes owning a bird a worthwhile opportunity. Bekah explains, “I like to be unique. Birds are crazy and fun, much like me. Our personalities match!” Why do people want to have variety in their pets? What is wrong with your common cat or dog? Everyone has different kinds of friends at school and work, right? People surround themselves with what they are passionate about and what makes them happy. It is just like the people you choose to spend time with within your day. Owning different types of pets is another way of being around something that embraces what you want and need. 

The common thread would be along the lines of wanting a unique companion that was decidedly different than your average dog or cat.