Graphic Design Class


Shelby Langlois, Reporter

Everywhere you look, there are posters and designs everywhere that are eye catching and intriguing. Most posters and advertisements seen on the walls are almost always trying to convince you of something or to spread the word about something. In order for these posters to be eye catching and make people want to read them, there is going to have to be very bright colors and designs on them. This can be done in a number of ways. One of these ways is with a computer application called Photoshop. Sure the same kind of effect can be achieved with a real drawing or with another editing application, but Photoshop has a wide selection of editing tools and functions to choose from. Here at Woodland Park High School, there are many classes you can take that use Photoshop for Editing text, photos, and for making brand new designs. Even if you take a drawing and painting class that is mostly based on artistic abilities that can be done in real life, there are still things you can do with your artwork in Photoshop. In Mrs. Orellanas advanced drawing and Painting class, her students create mini art shows. For this assignment, her students have to create a “Call for Artists” and “Art Submissions Form” for the shows they create. This can be done in Photoshop to create eye catching designs or in a normal Google Doc. Mrs. Orellana also teaches two other art classes, and these classes use photoshop for all of their assignments. Mrs. Orellana is an art teacher at Woodland Park High School. She started teaching at WPHS in 2004-2005. During her very first year teaching at WPHS, she started teaching Graphic Design. She graduated from the College of Santa Fe in 2002. There weren’t many digital media classes for her to take but by her senior year, she took a beginning photoshop class. He learned photoshop in her last semester of college. When she started teaching at Woodland Park High School, Mrs. Orellana was asked if she could teach a Graphic Design class. She said “Yeah, I know photoshop, I could teach that. About 4 or 5 years into teaching, I decided I wanted to take the Graphic Design program and have it be designated as a ‘career in technical education’ class. What that does is it changes what you’re teaching, like you have to articulate with a college so that kids can earn college credit through the class they are taking.” She started taking more class based on her skills so that she could become a better teacher for her students and help other people grow better. Her background wasn’t really in graphic design, it was more in studio arts. She was a little apprehensive to start with Graphic design, but as she got into it and became more comfortable with it, it became more and more natural to her. Mrs. Orellana likes teaching Graphic Design because she gets to help students who aren’t very art oriented and she gets them into graphic design as a way to make art without it having to be a hands on experience, which is exactly what graphic design helps with. It allows people to be artistic and creative without having to use their hands very much. Graphic design is an amazing way to show your creative abilities and have fun with it at the same time.