Homecoming Week


Parker Conley and Haley Prater

Homecoming Week, as we know is a fun week for not only the students, but the staff as well. We went around and asked five students for their opinion on Homecoming Week. We wanted to see if people enjoyed the Homecoming events, spirit assemblies, and most importantly the Homecoming Dance. Out of the five people we asked, all five said they were going to the dance AND thought the spirit assemblies are fun. 


Initially, we interviewed Jadon Brooks and Derek Eckhart, two of our students who were both enthusiastic about the upcoming events. Derek is a member of our student council, who helped setup decorations in our hallways and for the dance. He said, “I really like Homecoming, I think it’s really fun and it’s a thing students get to be involved”. Derek told us he participated in the events and wishes more people were excited about the pep rallies instead of thinking they are lame. Jadon also told us he enjoys the Homecoming events, claiming “it’s a more fun way to do school.” He added that the assemblies are fun “most of the time”.The spirit assemblies are an enjoyable way to go through the week leading up to the events and dance. School spirit soars high and plenty of the kids who attend the rally, and have a smile on their face somewhat in the gathering of our school. Games and sense of competitiveness between the classes never fail to get people riled up. Especially when it comes down to winning the spirit trophy the competition comes out between us all.



Then we interviewed Makayla Newcome on her thoughts of the very eventful week. She told us she likes the events and that she has participated in the dress up days and the events so far. When asked if she likes the spirit assemblies, she came back with “Yeah, I like them.” The parade and bonfire are a fun way to get everyone together and enjoy their time with friends and family. Going to the parade is fun to see all the creative floats our activities have put together, and being in the parade is fun to see all the gleaming faces of little kids wanting candy. After the parade, comes the bonfire, which you shouldn’t stand too close to! It usually burns for an hour, and share laughs and smiles with those around.


The last two people we interviewed were Kayne Brown and Alex Smith, who had similar views on the week. When asked if they like Homecoming Week Kayne exclaimed “ Yeah, I really like it. I like all the decorations around here and the events.”, while Alex said “Yes, I think it’s fun.” They both said they were going to the dance and that they enjoy the spirit assemblies and watching everyone all together.


The Homecoming Dance is two hours of dancing, singing and energy that brings many people together. It is always exciting to get asked to hoco and find a dress or a set to match with your partner. Even when you don’t get asked or go alone, it’s still fun to meet up with friends and enjoy the time. Who knows, when you get there maybe you’ll get asked to dance! Overall, Homecoming is a time to reflect on the memories and experiences of those around you.