The Freshman Experience


Anthony Rossi , Reporter

Being a freshman is one of the most exciting, yet nerve wracking experiences that there is in school, from not being able to get into your locker to not being able to find your classes, there are a lot of things to worry about. However, there are many fun aspects that come with the start of high school as well, things like the bonfire and the parade during the homecoming season would be a perfect example of what makes this experience so great. While bonfires and parades are cool, we all know what really matters in life which is friends, and there are plenty of new ones that come with the start of high school. Meeting new people as a freshman can be one of the best parts of teenage life and this is why so many adults look back on their high school experience with such fondness. While new friends can be a lot of fun they will also teach freshman plenty of important life lessons such as knowing who to trust and how to have social skills for future endeavors like job interviews. High school is really the point in life that shapes you into who you really are and that is why being a freshman should not be taken for granted, while it may seem hard at times just know that the next four years will be some of the best you have ever experienced. So to all the people that do not like school just try to go to every football game and every dance, trust me it will be worth it. High school also brings many opportunities to become a great athlete and to get in shape. Things like weights classes and after school sports help mold young students into a lean mean sports machine. While I may have loved my freshman experience lets see what the freshman this year think of it. Morgan Wilson said “Being a freshman is intimidating because I have classes with upperclassmen and it can be confusing.” Morgan also said “I feel like this community is really welcoming to freshman.” That was amazing to hear because it shows how great of a place Woodland Park really is. However, what would freshman year be without some honest mistakes, and trust me there are plenty of those. From asking a stupid question in class to forgetting to turn in a homework assignment there are plenty of simple slip ups that may seem like the end of the world but I wouldn’t worry because these mistakes are learning expierences. High School is such an important time in adolescence, this is why it should be recognized as one of the best parts of being a kid.