New schedule feels


Nikolas Rollins , Reporter

The new schedule feels~

With the new school year comes new changes, our schedule has changed from block days on Tuesday and Wednesday along with a normal 7 period schedule on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays to block periods. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays along with an 8 period schedule on Fridays. Some of the students at WPHS were apart of a survey if they liked or disliked our new schedule and here’s what they said. Nathan Estep states that, “ it’s definitely different from the last few years, but prefers it on the days that he has late starts.” Many seniors at the highschool very much agree with our all new block schedule mostly because of early arrivals to prioritize their schedule and work. In a survey with Cole Mcnally he says, “ Homework is a lot easier to manage and control, the days seem to go by a lot quicker.” Not only were students impacted with the new schedule so were teachers, they have had to adapt to these changes and plan out what they are going to do with these long days. Jordan post states, “ I see benefits to block scheduling in terms of preparing people for college as a lot of colleges use block scheduling. I as a teacher enjoy the extra time for instruction, but more importantly for the students side I can always give work time.”  The panther perspective conducted a survey with 100 students from WPHS through grades 10th – 12th and showed that 40% of those students do not like our schedule and 60% said they prefer it. At WPHS it’s all about elevating our education and making us better people, Justin Warren was asked if the new schedule could benefit our education and he states that,” I think that it could if people take advantage of it, but for people who slack off more often and procrastinate like most people I think it’s going to be more of a challenge.” With the new schedule in place and changes happening all around our school Mr. Burr had something to say, “ We believe with the schedule that we’re offering gives students the most opportunity for learning and gives us a great chance to have a higher graduation rate as well as high performance from our students.” Overall this new schedule seems to have a greater impact on the students success rates. However with many people not liking the schedule we think because it’s new and different that people will need time to come around and start getting used to it.