New Parking Spots


Zakry Ludwick, Reporter

Getting your license is one of the most exciting things a young person can achieve, you feel like you have freedom. I’ve been talking to a lot of people that have their own parking spots and everyone so far loves it. The general question I asked most of the seniors was what are their thoughts on the new parking pass? Everyone said that it’s a cool concept, but Jacob McKinney said that it should’ve started a long time ago because it was very fun to customize his design. He claims that he hasn’t done his design yet when I asked him, but just from helping other people it was very exciting. The plan Jacob was thinking for his design is some creative artistic design with 2020 and his name. He also states that if someone parked in his spot it wouldn’t be that big of a problem like he wouldn’t be mad or anything. Besides, I heard that if someone parks in your spot they get ticketed. I also interviewed Jace Blair who has some different thoughts than what Jacob said. Jace said that one of the main reasons he got his own spot so that when he has late start he doesn’t have to worry about parking far away, because of all the other students that don’t have late start want to park up front. Jace’s design was very interesting, he did the German flag. So I asked why and he said that it was an easy design plus he is part German so he likes to represent a little. Another thing he said was that he finished painting his spot within the next few days so he had time to do it. Just so you know don’t park in Jace Blair’s spot because he would get very upset only because he paid $35 for his own spot, which I mean is very reasonable. Plus in my opinion I feel like other students will be somewhat intimidated by the design of his spot, the German flag. I also got input on what other students think of the new parking spots that don’t have their own spot. They all said it was a cool idea where students can do their own design and keep it exclusive to themselves, but not worth another $35 dollars do to the fact that just having a parking pass is $25, in total just to have your own spot is $60 which to a lot of people including myself isn’t worth it. Overall, I think it is a very cool idea that the school has done. It gave a lot of excitement to the students even some of the students that don’t have a parking spot.