My Fair Lady

Aiden Wegmann-Hoel, Reporter

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Lerner and Loewe’s “My Fair Lady” is the WPHS fall musical. For those who don’t know, the show is about a cockney flower girl named Eliza Doolittle, who is the subject of a bet between two Phonosits (speech scientists), The first being the kind and gentle Colonial Pickering and the other the stern Henry Higgins. The two make a bet that Higgins can’t turn Eliza into a proper lady by the end of six months. Thus she is taken in by Higgins, but many challenges occur, including Eliza’s Father Alfred P.Doolittle and a young man who falls in love with her named Freddy Eynsford-Hill. Mrs.Witczak is directing and the music is directed by Ms.Bovee. The show recently had a broadway revival starring Laura Benati and Harry Hadden-Patton in the leading roles. But the original production took place in 1956 and starred Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews. Rex Harrison also starred along Audry Hepburn in the 1964 film version. The musical is based on George Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion” which has the same plot. Levi Sarmiento and Brianna Summeril are playing the leads of Professor Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle, alongside Kamton Kumpe as Colonel Pickering, William Nickelsburg as Alfred P. Doolittle, and Ethan Coyle as Freddy Eynsford-Hill. Levi Sarmiento was asked some questions about his character Henry Higgins and this is what he said, “What do I love about my character? I don’t know, I just think he’s really fun to play, you know. He’s a jerk overall but I think he’s a jerk due to the fact that he is a little socially inept. So he just doesn’t care about the world and due to that fact he is just able to do a lot of things that other people aren’t. I mean he still holds himself in high regard due to the fact that he is of higher social class.” Then he was asked about his least favorite part of Higgins, “ I don’t know I just feel that he just continues to be a jerk till the very end and has no real turn around. He just really doesn’t have any character growth and just stays who he is.”, He was then asked about what excites him about the show, “ Well this is my biggest part yet so I’m really excited about that, but I’m also really excited about the family we’re going to be growing. That’s just one of the things I love about theatre is just all the actors and tech individuals can grow so close together.”, But he, of course, has some concerns, “ I feel that this show is the biggest show I’ve done in the high school so I’m nervous that we’re not going to make it on time and something is going to fall apart, I hope it will not, but that’s what I am most nervous about.” In the end, no matter any concerns everyone may have, All of the students who have been working on the show so far would greatly appreciate it if you would come down to see our school’s marvelous production of My Fair Lady.