Getting To Know The New Staff


Haley Prater , Reporter

Being a student at WPHS, it’s pretty important to get to know the new staff we have aboard. I decided to get input, so I went around and interviewed 3 people that are part of our new staff and asked them a few questions to get their perspective. The first person I interviewed was Mr. Cosner, the new counselor. I first asked him if he enjoyed being at WPHS so far; he said, “I absolutely love being a part of WPHS. The transition has been very smooth, very supportive, and it’s been wonderful to get to know the students also.” I then asked him how he likes being a counselor; he told me,“It’s the best job in the world.” He’s been a counselor for over 10 years and he’s worked in the departments of Human Services, Criminal Justice, And Mental Health. I then asked him how his first three weeks of school have gone so far, and he said “Wonderfully, supportive, and the students have been awesome.” I can tell he’s really happy to be here and help our students. The next person I interviewed was Mr. Runte. I began with the same question; and he told me, “I love being here so far, I grew up here but my parents and I moved away before Middle School so it’s nice to come back and get to teach here.” Mr. Runte teaches World History, Civics and coaches Football. He told me his first three weeks have been good, he says getting to know the students and staff is fun and teaching the students awesome subjects is a fun job. Next I interviewed Mrs. Kincart-Guttierez, asking her first if she likes being here so far. She told me “Yes, definitely. It’s my first time doing high school so there’s a lot to learn…but yeah I definitely like it, the people are really nice.” Mrs. Kincart-Guttierez is a Special Education teacher, so she teaches all subjects, including life skills. Her first three weeks of school have gone great, and she’s learning the ‘teenager’ behaviors as well as developing strong relationships with her students to help them to release their attitudes towards learning. Being a part of the school takes on big responsibilities as being a role model to students and still providing them with the resources they need. Building a good relationship with those around you allows for a better learning experience and allows you to be more comfortable. After talking to our staff I am confident good things are to come to this ‘19-’20 school year.