summer break ideas

Lavana hahs, reporter

Summer is coming up and i think it’s safe  to say that everybody is super excited and ready to just finish finals and get outta school! Some people have made wonderful plans for their summer break, going on wild trips and seeing the world, visiting family, or maybe just read books inside by the window.

If you don’t have any plans and are stressing about how to spend you’re summer and get the most out of it before your thrown back into school again, well don’t worry! There’s plenty of fun things to do during the summer. One of the simple things you can do is just hang out with your friends in town, go to the park and chill, maybe go shopping at the local shops or go see a movie! Everything is more fun with friends. If you don’t have any money to spend then simply invite people over or go over to their place and catch up on some anime and T.V. shows that dropped new seasons and take breaks to go cook or break something with them! Nothing says bonding like staying home with your friends, cooking and being lazy on the couch watching movies.

Go out and get a job! I know that’s probably not what you want to hear but with all the free time you’ll get more hours for you’re job, raking in the money you can spend with your friends this summer. Getting a job in the summer is easier to do because you don’t have to worry about school and scheduling the best time to go in for an interview and hours will be easier to figure out.


Take up a new hobby! Finding out new things you enjoy doing is always fun, even if you try out something and it doesn’t work out at least you had a new experience and tired it. You can try painting, drawing, writing, reading, sewing, cooking and baking, there is so many things you could try. Maybe you could try working out or start playing a sport you’ve always been interested in.


Maybe you just throw it all out the window and do crazy adrenaline rushing events! Go bungee jumping or skydiving. I mean why not go to a drag show, if you’re interested. Go to a karaoke place and go up there with your amazing self and sing out as loud as you can no matter who’s watching. For one of the days you can gather all of you’re friends together and all of you go to as many restaurants as possible in one day! Whoever backs out first pays the whole tab for the restaurant they tapped out on. THROW A PARTY, just invite you’re friends, play a good music mix, order pizza and drinks and have dancing competitions and singing competitions. Do whatever you want, it’s your party. Just be responsible, don’t get the cops called.


Don’t stress out though, summer is for having fun. It’s not a competition on who had the best summer break. As long as you have fun it shouldn’t matter if it was something super extravagant. Just go out and get some sun, or stay in and eat some ice cream. Have fun and i hope you all have a wonderful summer break.