Chapter Preview

Michael Colvin, Reporter

With this article, I will do my best not to use any bias nor say that my writing is good. I will let other people read the preview and tell me what their thoughts are on the story. With this, I will then put their thoughts within the bottom of the preview with an out of 5 reviews and a quick sentence to go with the chapter. As some may or may not know, I am a writer and author. I write and type stories with my sister and sometimes by myself. Now onto the basic story of the novel.


Start of Basic Story



       The story is revolved around three walls. These three walls shelter humanity and it’s population that has survived, this was known as the Beta Era. Before the walls there was a big war between Titans and people, this was known as the Alpha Era. Within these three walls was vivid civilization. There were bloodlines and royalty. This time there was more of a Junta and Monarch government leading the people to a bright future. In this time the weapons mainly used was Three Dimensional Maneuverable gear, Sabres, and Muskets. These weapons were the basic way of enforcement through threats and lethal engagements.

       Weapons were only granted to military members of the four branches. The branches are as listed: The first branch is seen as Courageous and Brave this was the Scouting Legion. Scouting out and taking territory for humanity and expanding the territory in order to make the land peaceful. They also did any research they could on the Titans. The second branch is seen as the Sentinels and Defenders of the walls this was the Stationary Guard. The Stationary Guard was focused on maintaining the walls, as well as assisting the Scouting Legion and also enforcing the law within the cities. Then there was the last branch seen as Defenders and Enforcers of the cities, that was the Military Police. The Military Police had a stronghold on the government and city, stronger than any other branch. But all branches believed in their Superior Officer more than their King/Queen. Only civilians listen to the King/Queen while the military listens to their officers. They enforced laws in the city and had full jurisdiction in the underground district meaning their word was as equal as the King’s word or even the Superior officer’s word. The three walls were named after gods. The first wall is Wall Maria being the first defender of humanity, the one wall breached by the Titans. The second wall was Wall Rose having Wall Rose being safe and untouched by the Titans. The third wall was Wall Sina, the innermost wall defending all high class and royalty members. The underground district was for more of the poor and more criminals. Then we have the Training/Research Corps, they are responsible for the research of new weaponry and even training the cadets. They do not just put the training instructors to work for research they are two different branches entirely but due to them unable to supply the Research Corps enough, they decided to mix the Research Corps with the Trainee Corps in order to save space for more of the people in Humanity. There are many divisions within the branches.


       The Scouting Legion has an Elite Support Squad having one captain handpick members into the squad. The members in this squad are seen as mature and focused on their job and not strayed by the thought of death. The Stationary Guard has an Elite Support Squad which supports the Military Police and Scouting Legion. This squad is chosen by the royalty for the royalty may request their defense in order to watch the escort from a distance. They are also close to the Military Police but have less intelligence and info then the Military Police. The Military Police has two different divisions. The first division being Cavalry, the division assisting the Scouting Legion being the ones that strive to honor the military police through Cavalry. The second division being Interior Police, the interior police is part of those most trusted with the government’s secrets and intelligence meaning that the officers have a royalty status while their soldiers serving in the Interior Police have a status of the Royal Guard or even the Interior Police Squad which is handpicked by the commander of the Squad. The squads and divisions in the Military Police are looked up to for they are more focused and mature on their job besides from the others who are more strayed away from there job at times and may stray away from death. Most do not, for they understand their consequences as a soldier understanding that death is an option at the end of an operation or expedition. Some soldiers may not act mature and many questions about how they were able to graduate from the Trainee Corps. The Research Corps has three different divisions, they divide the work amongst all. Starting with their Research division they are to do drafting and revisions of those plans. The other division is the Craftsmanship division they find ways to make these devices and find ways to help them function. The most honorable division out of the Research Corps is Testing for they believe that if you can give your life to test out a device that you don’t even know is safe, that is a risk that needs to be recognized. The reason, why Research Corps and Scouting Legion has a high death rate, is due to the fact that they are sacrificing lives for Humanities advancements.

“All are seen as honorable soldiers depending on what they do within their military.

We all devote our lives as military soldiers to the future of humanity!”


End of the Basic Story


From this, there is a very large and expansive world, lots of choices, and opportunities for the main character and side characters. Since you now know the basic story and lore, I will move onto the preview of the chapter, making this preview very short. The origins and everything in the basic story will help with the preview of the chapter. If you wish to learn more about the characters and see the development, you’ll have to read the full story at this link:

As a small-time writer I do not post on any large platforms, therefore works of mine will be found away from large platforms and at other small sites.


Start of the Preview


The wind blew over the District of Chlorba. The western inner district of wall Maria. Although today was not a quiet day, Titans had been gathering in large groups around the district and the speed of the winds was high. The Stationary Guard’s Elite Squadron was clearing titans out away from the walls and gate without any casualties. The Military Police were patrolling the walls and districts with First Interior Squadron ready for a breach. From the distance, the Stationary Guard saw a cart with seven people aboard. There are six people who dressed differently from the soldiers of the walls. One specifically stood out, he had black hair pushed to one side, smoothened out, green eyes, and clean shaving. His clothing was even more interesting, he wore a brown overcoat with a red and gold armband. This armband had a maple leaf symbol in the center of it. The soldiers had steel helms, tan uniforms with a plain shirt with tan pants and black combat boots. They had no symbol or logo on their uniforms. They also had weapons that were not able to be named by the branches. The weapons in their nation were known as the MP-18, a submachine gun also using ammunition never seen before by the people who lived in the walls, 9x19mm Parabellum. A black flare was fired to signify the emergency, all Scouting Legion, Military Police, and Stationary Guard went to the outer gate to look at the civs and soldiers. The man with black hair raised his hand up to his mouth, as his mouth opened he put the edge of his hand and thumb into his mouth, the soldiers immediately took off and left the man behind. The man bit down on his hand. A bright yellow light shined and a yellow lightning bolt struck the man’s position. All of a sudden, a large titan was seen from the steam that was emitted. The Stationary Guard instantly mounted the cannons ready to fire on command. The titan began their charge towards the outer gate at running speeds. The Stationary Guard Commander commanded the soldiers to fire at will and get rid of the titan. After multiple cannon shots, it still does not dent the titan’s plates of what seems to be bone. There was no damage from the cannon fire and the so-called “Armored titan” was reaching closer to the gates now. Two members of the Elite Squadron dived down into combat to engage the person and the titan. They slashed at the armor both at once, not making a single scratch, the Armored Titan grabbed the Stationary Guard members as he crushed them in his hands and broke through the outer gate of Chlorba. One of the soldiers in the group of 6 had the 3DMG and dove down towards the titan, as the man came out of the back of the neck or nape, the soldier grabbed him and pulled him out, later retreating further outside the walls and away from the district. There were still 5 soldiers on a cart who was in the district. The shootings began, the loud cracks from the gunfire of the outsiders was heard from the top of the wall and further throughout the district. Evacuations were carried out immediately as many Military Police did their best to fight against the enemy that broke through the gate.


End of the Preview

After reading this it builds the conflict more and makes a larger force against people who have no power and are unable to fight against this enemy. The larger the conflict and the more issues there are, the more the main character and their comrades have to handle. The story gives it’s plot based off it’s first chapter, the first chapter being the basic lore, and if you have read the rest of the story the first few chapters give a character development for the main characters. With that I end my preview of my book that is being made. As always follow your goals and dreams and stay strong.