How to Keep Your Last Month of High School Stress-Free

Katie Longnecker, Reporter

For most seniors, the end of the year can be a lengthy and almost agonizing time. We constantly fantasize about walking across the stage and getting our diplomas, when we should actually be paying attention to our AP Calc review. We find ourselves struggling to get out of bed in the mornings, and procrastinating on simple tasks. Luckily, though, there are some things that you can do that may actually help seniors plagued with senioritis! Below is a list of five things you can do to ease your end-of-highschool stress.


  1. Get a personal planner/calendar. By writing down deadlines of papers and other assignments in a planner, it also helps your brain remember that information so that it is always in the back of your mind. Not only is it great for classes, but planners are especially useful for keeping track of the fun senior events that happen during the month of May! Just plug in each event and its specific details and you’re all set! Actual planners in book form work great, but you can also find some great apps in the App Store. One of the best one that I’ve found happened to be “Planner Pro- Daily Calendar”. The best part for us broke high school and soon-to-be college students? It’s free!
  2. Set personal deadlines for yourself. This one goes hand-in-hand with the first tip, and it is actually quite helpful if you have high self-discipline. By setting a personal deadline for an assignment to be completely finished BEFORE the actual class deadline, you can combat procrastination and strengthen self-discipline! Not only that, but by finishing an assignment early on, you have a bunch of free time for other classes, relaxing, or work. It will definitely be challenging at first, but trust me, it will pay off in the end!
  3. Make a “Self-Care” plan for yourself. A large percentage of teenagers in the United States have neglected their personal self-care needs for a grade in a class, which can overall contribute to stress. Of course taking care of your grades is important, but balancing that with self-care is the way to go in keeping your senior year stress-free. There are a plethora of apps you can get to make sure that you are following a healthy self-care plan, but be aware that some apps include in-app purchases.
  4. Meal plan your breakfasts for the whole week. Starting on Sunday night, find an easy and fast breakfast meal of your choice that can last you the whole week. It could be yogurt parfaits, mini waffles, mini pancakes, etc. Once you figured out what breakfast you want, put together small containers of the meal that you can easily grab in the mornings on your way out the door. By doing this, you don’t have to wake up early to fix breakfast, and your brain benefits from receiving nutrients and energy to keep you going throughout the whole day! Just make sure to include fruits and other healthy things in your breakfast, because processed sugary foods tend to make you feel queasy early in the morning.
  5. Get a countdown app for the exact day you graduate! Being able to see exactly how much time is left until you graduate can make you feel very excited and satisfied. Having that count down can also ease your mind while it allows you to ignore some school stress for just a few minutes.


Keep in mind that some things featured on this list might not be the best fit for you, and that’s okay! There are a ton of articles out there that include other methods of stress-relief, so find what’s best for you. And just remember; you worked so hard for the last twelve years of your life to get to this point, so take it all in and try to enjoy the last few weeks of high school. You’ve earned it!