Woodland Park Musical Arts (choir)

Jada Boddy and Aaliyah Huyser

Woodland Park High School has amazing opportunities throughout many genres of interest. There are athletic, theatre, academic and many other opportunities, however the music programs at Woodland Park High School are immense. Between the band and choir options at our high school if you have any interest in musical arts you’ve got it made in Woodland Park.


We spoke with a student involved in choir at Woodland Park High School and she gave great a review. A second year choir student, Kassidy Kahn here at the high school, Kassidy tells us what makes choir here at Woodland Park High School special, “This year seemed easier to succeed because I have more experience and everyone else in ladies select work so well with each other. My favorite part about being in choir is the atmosphere. You could be having the worst day and once you get to choir, its like that melts away. We are all one large loving family which so great.” Choir isn’t always easy when learning new songs says Kassidy, “My favorite song we’ve sung so far this year has to be a O Sacrum Convivium. It may not have been my favorite while learning it but it was well worth it. It was the most challenging piece we’ve done and it brought us together.” Choir is therapeutic for students at Woodland Park High School and they aren’t afraid to express that.


The choir instructor, Mrs.Daniel Bovee tells us what goes into making the choirs at Woodland Park High School. Bovee says, “Women’s Glee is the intermediate choir here for women only, it mostly consists of freshman and sophomores while occasionally has some juniors and seniors, in that choir it’s more intermediate music, it’s a bit easier than advanced. Men’s Ensemble depends on the year, it’s meant to me an intermediate choir like Women’s Glee but some years they’re doing advanced music as well as intermediate music depending on who’s in the class and how long they have been in the class. Ladies Select is the advanced women’s choir which has mostly juniors and seniors. Madricals is only for juniors and seniors with an occasional sophomore. Concert choir does not have any requirements to get in.” As you can see there are many opportunities to be in a choir at Woodland Park High School. Putting on a concert is a lot of work and it takes about two and a half months to prepare for a concert. Mrs. Bovve has to help the students memorize the music, publicize the concert and get the auditorium ready. She says that there are four concerts a year, Fall, Winter, Spring and a final concert in May. Choir doesn’t only consist of singing songs, alot of it is learning technique Mrs. Bovee says. She tells us exactly what learning technique is about, “ Warm ups are a big part of it…you are singing different styles so that you can build your technique as a singer. In addition to that everyday we do sight reading which builds the skills of any musician because you have to read the music instead of hearing it and repeating it.” She says that all of the students are doing amazing, however Ladies Select are extremely blended. She says she has never heard a choir blend so well even from the beginning of school.