The Oscars 2019 Top Five Moments

Katie Longnecker, Reporter

Ah, the Oscars. A night of designer gowns, tears, laughter, the occasional wardrobe malfunction, and of course shiny awards. This year’s Oscars stood out from the rest because it was host-less, but that didn’t stop it from living up to its full potential. There were almost too many memorable and heart-wrenching moments from The Oscars 2019 to name, so I’ve compiled a top five list of the most memorable moments from this year’s show. Although you might not fully agree with the list, you still have to admit that each moment is quite memorable no matter what. These moments are in no particular order.


1) The band Queen and Adam Lambert open the show with an energizing performance in honor of late member Freddie Mercury and the new Queen biopic, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Let’s face it, rock concerts are the best way to get a crowd up on their feet while also turning a frown upside down, but no one (and I mean no one) can do it like the band Queen. They performed the hit sport anthem “We Will Rock You” followed by “We are the Champions”. For a band to be able to claim two of the biggest and most famous sport anthems is a feat in itself, and The Oscars performance was well-executed. I suppose it is safe to say that during Queen’s opening act to The Oscars, Freddie Mercury was looking down at his legacy and smiling.


2) Olivia Colman’s acceptance speech after winning an Oscar for Leading Actress in the film “The Favorite”. Colman’s speech is what all of ours would probably be if we ever won an Oscar, which makes her speech so memorable and funny. She opened her speech by saying “This is hilarious, I’ve got an Oscar!” and from there she is a jumble of emotion while she tries to squeeze as much thank you’s and tidbits of inspiration into the limited acceptance speech time. The most memorable part of her acceptance speech, though, is when she recounted her time as a cleaner before fame. She claimed to have loved the job, but still daydreamed about her moment on stage winning a prestigious award. Colman then looked into the camera and addressed the viewers, “Any little girl who’s practicing their speech on the telly–you never know!”


3) Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance of their hit song “Shallow” from “A Star is Born”. The emotion, passion, and love Gaga and Cooper share with each other throughout their performance is enough to make it such a memorable moment in The Oscars history. Not to mention that both Gaga and Cooper sounded incredible while singing, and it felt as if viewers were watching an actual scene from “A Star is Born”.


4) Keegan-Michael Key descends from the ceiling like Mary Poppins to introduce Bette Midler, who sang “The Place Where Lost Things Go” from Mary Poppins Returns. Any time someone pays homage to Mary Poppins, you know that moment will be an iconic one. This is especially true for Keegan-Michael Key and broadway legend Bette Midler. The song from Mary Poppins Returns was nominated for best song.


5) Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry rocked some dramatic outfits when announcing the nominees for Costume Design. Not only were the pair hilariously in character, but they looked absolutely fabulous as well! McCarthy wore a victorian-era looking gown adorned with stuffed rabbits, while Henry wore a red, blue, white, and black patterned victorian-era gown as well. Apparently, though, some actual costume designers were displeased with the gag, calling it tasteless and offensive. While we try to sympathize with the naysayers in this situation, we can’t help but appreciate McCarthy and Henry’s sense of humor and creativity in the gag.


This year’s Oscar Award Show was memorable in a plethora of ways, and it’s exciting to see what future shows hold in store for us as well!