The Importance of Your Vote


Esther Burcea, Reporter

The presidential election is one of the most important events to take place every four years in the USA. Laws governing U.S. election date back to article one of the constitution, giving the state the responsibility of overseeing elections federal elections. Several constitutional amendments and federal laws have been in the U.S.A to ensure that every citizen has the equal right to vote. The United States government has debated whether or not women and African Americans can vote, and there have been movements on whether or not this was humanly correct. One movement; the women’s suffrage lasted about 72 years beginning in 1848 and lasting until 1920. It’s evident that voting is a big thing for all citizens in the US, however a recent conversations with a friend had me wondering if Generation Z cares as much about voting and mostly the right we have to vote freely.

Many younger citizens think their vote doesn’t matter, and it’s easy to believe that when you don’t understand how many fights citizens before us went through just so that future generations have it a little easier and are equal. As i was speaking to a fellow student at Woodland Park High School, Kyla Wells she said something that really made me think “If every younger generation believed that one single vote didn’t  make a difference then 40% percent of America’s voice would be lost”. This quote left an impact because it emphasized on what many want to say, but didn’t know how, and if everyone had the mentality that their vote doesn’t matter and it won’t make a difference, then no change would happen and the US government would most likely change.

It’s easy to think that your vote is one in a million and can hardly make a difference, however your vote could be the one percent that changes everything for the better, that vote could be the vote that give future generations a better life, your one vote could be the difference that you’ve dreamed of making your whole life and it could be how you make life a little better for everyone. Even though it seems like the only people with power in the U.S.A are the president, people in the house of representatives, and supreme court judges; you are truly the one with all the power. You have the power to choose everything even down to the people who rule you, however, many don’t see the power they have as an individual in the U.S and it’s easy to fall into the mindset that your rights are useless, when you don’t see the amount of struggle that went into giving you that right. Many complain about the problems in their country however when asked if they voted the answer is no. The most important thing you can do for your country is vote,  many important issues can be ignored or forgotten in the broad scheme of things, and voting for your view and passion can redirect attention and solve these issues.