History and Why I Study the Subject


Michael Colvin, Reporter

Everyone has their favorite school subject they study or enjoy in general due to the activities and other things that occur in the class. As the title states, History is my favorite subject, and I’ll tell you what I study and why I think it interests me the most. History is a subject that overall goes over everything from the start of mankind over into the present day where we have current enemies from the 1900’s such as the fear of another regime taking over our homelands or even having some sort of government that decides to restrict the people on their rights and freedoms. Of course, we have the constitution in order to prevent things like this, such as the right to bear arms. History goes over what made nations and made everything together as a whole, as well as any sort of innovations that were made in order to improve humanity and make things more efficient. There were even things and other laws, rights, and so on that were made so that people could have weapons to defend themselves and rights in order to protect their freedoms to arm themselves in order for self-defense. But with these came the normal chances of enforcement for the laws. There are many things of interest and history that show us how much we’ve gone through in order to improve ourselves and all of humanity. Although I do study all of history and all of the improvements we’ve made. It’s overall based around the military aspect as well as the firearm aspect of history. I study the governments, firearms, branches, divisions, and different militaries as a whole. I study the stronger nations and the larger nations that would be labeled as superpowers of the world. Nations like the United States, Britain, Russia, China, and Germany. They are strong and powerful nations due to their advancements in whether it is, firearms or technology. These are what interest me, for you can’t show true power without showing any sort of superiority over one tool or weapon. Truly when it comes to a subject, you study one thing within the subject that would be your favorite. For one subject can be a lot for content. Usually, the subjects within the subject I like to study is the wars that have been built up and started. Usually, they start with some sort of issue, whether it’s over what the people can do or it’s over the resources that are left within the world. Some wars show when a nation shows too much power and wish to take over multiple nations. Posing a large threat. Another thing that can occur is an attack on a nation from another nation when they are allied with someone. Such as the Axis Forces with Japan, having the Japanese attack pearl harbor and having America get involved due to the massive losses. In conclusion, when it comes to studying subjects, you focus on one thing at a time and slowly take up all the information. When you find a subject you have a passion for, you will continue to study more of it until there is nothing else left to study, until new evidence or other things arise that may change the current information.