The Moose Goes Wild in Woodland Park


kayla wells, Reporter

Teller County community business come together in the 18th annual Moose is Loose sales event to bring excitement into the town. In the year 2000, shops around Woodland Park were suffering from little customer traffic. “The Moose is Loose” vowed to heighten business during the coldest month of the year. Since then, Tweeds Fine Furnishings, the founding business, has encouraged everyone to participate in the raffles, contests, and fun surrounding the event.

How does it unfold? In the beginning of February, a kickoff party is hosted outside of Tweeds, with a special showing from the Moose mascot (a mysterious high school student). If you attend, you’ll receive goodies and an event guide which lists all the participating businesses, the upcoming activities, and important social media handles that keep you up to date.

Molly Wells, the graphic designer behind this event commented on the featured “Moose Pass” in this years event guide. “The Moose Pass is a tear off in the brochure where visitors and participants who come to the sale, can go to five or more participating businesses throughout town and get a sticker for each business they have gone to. With that, they fill out personal information on the back side, turn it in, and their name is entered for a drawing to win a $500 spending spree.” Wow, $500 cash sure sounds enticing but the reward, (what they call Moose Bucks), must be spent at a shop that is associated with the sale.

Another prize- winner is “The Poker Run”. For each store you visit, one card is drawn and the best five card hand wins! If it’s your way or no way and winning is your top priority, visit all 20 businesses and collect that amount of cards for a better chance to win!

Ages back, merchants would haul their drums while finding a suitable place to set up shop. When the time came, the sound of their drums echoed off the mountains to let other vendors know that their shop was open for business. To match the significance of this, the 2019 kickoff party featured “The Dream Team”, a small band of high school students that played to announce the initiation of the event. The entertainment was made up of about 10 musicians who surely caught people’s attention and drew in business. They persevered through the 32 degree weather, and Joanie’s deli was kind enough to supply treats and hot chocolate as a reward! It was great to see all parts of the community come together and carry on the tradition of the Moose.  

All in all, “The Moose is Loose” sales event is just one of the many special things about beautiful Woodland Park. A big thanks to everyone who contributed and participated. Be on the lookout in upcoming years for the Moose, as he stirs up trouble, adventure, and sales!