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Winter has Shown itself

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Winter has Shown itself

Jada Boddy and Aaliyah Huyser

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The past school weeks here in Woodland Park School District and school districts throughout southern Colorado have been limited. In just two weeks Woodland Park School District has had two snow days and one two-hour delay; we also had a snow day last December. The students were very gracious with the cancellations and delay. Although, missing school was nice for students and faculty, it has been due to the dangerous weather. This weather also caused cancellations to many athletic practices and games as well as other activities around the High School such as auditions to the winter play Mama Mia. Many students here are new drivers and not yet well adjusted to the imperfect weather here in our mountain town.

When speaking with a junior here at Woodland Park High School, Jackson Schubloom we are informed what the icy road conditions and limited visibility can possibly get new driver’s into trouble.. On January 18th Jackson wrecked his car during lunch on his way back to Woodland Park High School. This was the same day that all of the activities were cancelled at the high school. Jackson Schubloom says, “I was on my way back from my house during lunch and I hit an icy patch on the road, then I went into the ditch”. Jackson was not injured and the car was not badly damaged during accident, however Jackson explains that is was a scary experience. This goes to show that even simple drives to your house during lunch with a path that you have traveled an immense amount of times can be dangerous just like any other drive.. We spoke with Jackson about the benefits of snow days, he says that it’s a great time to get caught up on chores and things around the house as well as relax.

When speaking with Megan Snook, a special-education teacher here at Woodland Park High School, she explains what her snow days typically look like. Snook says, “I play with my son and we watch movies” when asked what she does during snow days. She explains that snow days are beneficial because you can have more family time. She says that the downside to having a snow day is having nothing to do which is something she doesn’t like. When Megan Snook is asked if she is worried that we might have to add extra school days to the year she says, “I’d be fine with that, I like my kids (students)”. She explains that an alternate way of school such as a cyberday (similar to what many other high schools have) where our class work is on the Google Classroom might not work very well because it’s hard to motivate students to do their work if they’re at home and it’s difficult to know whether or not students will actually do the work. She says that driving in the weather doesn’t bother her whatsoever, because she has much experience with similar cold weather since she grew up in Ohio.

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Winter has Shown itself