The Creator’s platform and how it’s Changed


Michael Colvin, Reporter

We are all familiar with the website/app called YouTube. A place for creators who create short films, entertainment, reviews, and even videos to help in the teaching world. Although, with the new changes to YouTube it’s hard to get pass with anything, if your video gets demonetized and your channel gets demonetized, there’s no way for you to come back in order to get monetized, unless they start seeing new change within the channel. While people are also moving towards the technological and mechanical side of the world. This new movement is overall something many people will be thinking of, whether to get involved in the technological world or wait for the technology to take over the most basic jobs. As the article goes through the many interviews on the thoughts of the new movement of the technological world and the new movements of technological jobs, while giving advice to any of those looking to go into the technical or mechanical world. I decided to speak to students who were already in the technical/mechanical world. The first person, Austin Kau, sophomore, he says the technical world is expanding at a fast rate, while making things that we never thought that were possible. Nowadays we can pre-build skyscrapers and be able to construct it fully after traveling for miles. While also finding new ways to join objects together. The speed of trains were mentioned along with the speed of many things, he says that even today that still amazes him. Then the creator’s platform was brought up, I asked if he was restricted from any forms of media or any social media. As he says “YouTube and Instagram cut down on many different things on their platform”. This includes politics, show of violence, guns, and in my opinion anything that doesn’t support the leftist view gets removed or demonetized from the media. There are many people on YouTube wishes to do this for fun and a lifetime to connect themselves to the community by their interests. Due to the restrictions people such as Pewdiepie or The Yogscast have their restrictions on what they can post, say, or even present. These restrictions, I’d say, violates the most basic right for freedom of speech. Removing channels, posts, or videos, because they don’t agree with you or your emotions/ideals. It’s something that has changed especially in this more modern world. Next interview was Ryan Orth, Sophomore. He says that the changes made were definitely in restrictions, he mentioned politics, manufacturing processes, and anything that can be labeled dangerous. He agrees with the dangerous restriction part, but doesn’t agree with the restrictions on people who speak out about their opinions or just do what they want. Then we moved to the technological advancements, he mentions that technology for car engines have definitely passed some bounds. I then ask what should the restrictions be, he mentions that if it has intent to cause harm towards anyone, themselves, or anything it can get restricted, but to remove something that just teaches someone or has intent to learn and research isn’t right. Speaking of the removal of someone who had the intent to learn and research, I went back to the lead creator of the Personnel Gear. They say the restrictions on their account would be making sure to keep it safe. They mentions a firearm part of his project but doesn’t wish to cause any harm with it. They told me a story, this all began during the start of their project back when they were doing a more complicated mechanism. They said that someone impersonated an officer then tried to get the account shut down for encouragement or propaganda for school shootings or harming anyone in school. This infuriated the group of people they worked with and the community he shared it with. They said that it was solved, and that it was a false message from a person impersonating the SRO. Afterwards all members were kept anonymous and were to never speak about the project in public. They wish that the public and community was more supporting of the idea for maneuverability advancement instead of continuing to give the hate towards the device because it is a foreign and unknown project. They said that fear was bred from things that are unknown or foreign. Afterwards I interviewed Mr. Graf about his thoughts on the restrictions of the media. For private use of media at home there should be no restrictions, but if you were part of a journalism team at a school you had to be able to write things that could be used and heard for the public. With the technological advancements, he believes, as long as it’s not hateful or hurtful towards the community there should be no restrictions to anything that is posted on the media. Of course with all this comes federal and state law. Overall someone should not be able to control the freedom of speech on someone. They deserve the revenue if you’re a YouTuber or streamer. You deserve a chance if you are a creator of an invention or a work in progress project. There should always be a chance for someone to express their thoughts or ideas. They shouldn’t be restricted for that. As always panthers, stay strong.