Swim Team


Jada Boddy and Aaliyah Huyser

Woodland Park High school has many activities for students to participate in, such as Volleyball,Football, Key club, and Forensics. The school added boys hockey last year, to even out the number of sports this year, they’ve added girls swimming.  In total , the team has eleven girls, and is expected to grow over the next few years.


When Roskam, the schools athletic director was interviewed, he said the team has been in works for a while.  Once the pool started being built, the swim team started as well. Being recognized by CHSAA was the first step to get a swim team started. Many other things went into building up the team, meeting with the city so the school could use the pool, hiring a coach, purchasing uniforms, and finding girls who were interested in swimming for Woodland Park High School.


Wednesday, November 28th will be the first meet for Woodland Parks new team, it will be held in Salida. Audrey Kingsman, has very little background with swimming it’s her first year on a team. She is excited to be on the high school swim team, ready for the first meet so that  every girl can see what events they’re good at. Kingsman is expecting good performances for this swim season and states that the coach and assistant coach do really well with people who have and haven’t had experience with swim before.

Junior, Clara Thompson is excited for the high school swim team, she has been swimming for 4 years. Clara has previously been on a total of 2 club teams, this is her first year on a high school team. When asked what she’s expecting for the season Clara said “Probably not a lot of good times, but improvement for sure.” Girls don’t get told what events they’ll be doing at the meets until they are on the way, they don’t have time to prepare for the event.


Foreign Exchange student Henny, exclaims that she can’t remember not having swimming in her life. Henny is excited for this swim season, and is ready to learn new techniques. She hopes to get better at flip turns and the butterfly stroke. Swimming is a part of Hennys culture, she says in Germany swimming is a big deal, her family and friends swim and are swimmers .High school swim teams aren’t really a thing in Germany, club teams are huge. Henny has previously been on one team, she expressed she does it for the enjoyment of the sport as she isn’t a competitive person.


Assistant coach Kelly Havens is an experienced swimmer herself, she did competitive swimming for 12 years. Although this is her first year coaching, the girls on the team have said she helps experienced and inexperienced swimmers. When asked what she expects from this swim season Coach Kelly answered “Great growth out of girls who are on the team, and growth in numbers next year”. Coaches are hoping for the team to grow in the next few years, they hope that the small group they have now encourages others to want to try swim.


Although the Woodland Park swim team is new, coaches and girls seem hopeful for a good season.