Graduating Early


Cody Sawyer , Reporter

Graduating Early

Woodland Park High School offers seniors an opportunity to graduate early for those who have sufficient credits. This means that those seniors will be done with High School at the end of this semester. That makes their graduation date December 21st, 2018. Of course early graduation comes with its benefits, but those benefits also have some consequences. Including missing out on many different school events, not being able to partake in spring sports, and much more. Despite that many Seniors this year are taking the chances, and deciding to graduate early. What are the benefits of such a decision?

First of  all, early graduation allows seniors an entire semester to get started on life and possible seeking higher-education. I decided to speak with a variety of different Seniors. Many will be taking this time to Pursue a career to earn some money for college. Although others plan on explore their interests and find what they really want to do. I spoke with Earl Lamb ‘19 about why graduating early was best for him, “I really just want the freedom of being out of here, like starting my own business. – The faster I get out of here, the faster I can do that”.  For those who don’t think College is for them, many plan on pursuing a stable career or enlisting in the Military. Even starting their own business. Despite the choices of these individuals, early graduation is can be perfect depending on the individual. After all, once that “senioritis” starts kicking in, early graduation seems like a blessing to many.

As I mentioned earlier, graduating early does have its consequences. For some, it may look like a blessing, and to others it is pointless. I decided to speak with Cailin Edie ‘19, she had told that “I’ve worked so hard the past years leading up to this that I didn’t want to miss out on all the second semester fun just hanging out with all my friends. Additionally most of the colleges i’m applying for heavily prefer a full 4 years completed”. This shows that there are certain downsides to leaving early. First of all, early graduation means those Seniors are no longer a student 2nd Semester. This means participation in school activities, school athletics, and even clubs on campus is no longer allowed. For some, this could mean leaving student council or not participating in track. Also, early graduation could have an impact on college decisions. Many colleges require 4 complete years in certain courses as mentioned early. Since these students are leaving early, they will not be receiving the credits granted from classes during 2nd semester. Most importantly, these are the last few months many will get to spend with their closest friends.

After all, taking the opportunity to graduate early completely depends on the individual and their priorities. It could be a wonderful chance to start making money right after winter break. For others, it could be the decision that decides what colleges they get accepted into. Most importantly though, make sure to say bye to those who graduate December 21st, 2018.