lets talk about love


Cody Sawyer and Lavana Hahs

 Love is one of the most complex emotions, making it very difficult for people to discuss. The first thing most people think of when they think of love is eros love, the romantic kind, named after the Greek god of love and fertility. However there are many different types, the most thought of ones are romantic, friendship and family love.


 Everybody has a different way of explaining what love is, to everybody it’s different feelings and emotions. It’s different situations that stand out to each person in their own special way. Some people would say it’s the little moments that mean the most, the little notes left around the house, the kiss before you leave the house and just wishing them good luck and to stay safe. Others believe it’s the trust, the ability to trust and believe in somebody so much you could tell them anything and truly be yourself around them. Maybe for some people it’s about the moments that stand out, the moments that are truly special. Life is full of moments but some think that the reason we live is to make the most memories possible in hopes of having more truly unique moments and being with somebody special can make more of those moments possible.


 Romantic love is all around us, it’s just a part of life and growing up. If teens can truly comprehend love is another question though. It is a very opinion based question, that everyone feels different about. Usually parents perceive teen relationships and something insignificant. For example, if teens decided to move to another school, it is perceived that those previous relationships were replaceable. Although we spoke with a few high schoolers that spoke differently. Scott Cloutier-Lenzing ‘19 who just recently got married said that “Teenagers have the capability to love, but it’s more of a want and not a need. – And many aren’t exactly looking for that right now”. Scotts situation is not very common though, but it does show that yes, in fact teens do have that ability. We decided to speak with Mrs. Ferguson to hear a different perspective. We asked her if she thinks that teenagers have the capacity to love and was given a yes & no answer. “Yes because I know people that met the love of their life in high school and are still together. – Then I knew people, who had no clue what dating was as a teenager and the type of commitment needed.” Mrs. Ferguson had said. So when it comes to romantic love as a teenager, not all those relationships are as temporary as many think.


 Friendship love is in a way a mixture of family love and romantic love.  You can be so close that you love them like their your sibling or you can love them in the sort of romantic way leading to a different, sometimes more complicated friendship. Everybody knows what friendship is but it’s hard to put a personal definition to. Many people can agree that the bases of friendship is trust.

Sometimes people have a moment, a single moment with one of there friends where it just clicks…’’ this person is my best friend and i want them in my life for the rest of my life’’. When you lose a good friend, a friend you’ve had for a long time can sting, the hurt and the time it takes to get over it can hurt just as bad as a break up from a serious relationship or losing a family member. We spoke with Jasmine Cook ‘22 about important qualities of a friendship and she said “Having someone that is always there for you and always has your back”.


 Family love is something everybody has experienced. It’s something that’s almost hardwired into us, we learn and become better with the help of our family. To most the strongest bond is a parent  and child. Once a mother always a mother, once a father always a father. Having family is a lifelong challenge and commitment whether you like it or not. You can’t back out no matter how hard you try. You grow up with people who will teach you, help you, you might pick up on their weird quirks and habits. Growing up around these people teaches us what true trust really is, the trust you have in your family will most likely never be beaten by anything else. You can always depend on family, when you have family you are never alone. No matter how lonely you feel you never really are. It’s hard to except sometimes especially as a teenager. When you’re a teen you want your independence, your family can suffocate you and baby you when all you want is your freedom. You go from being a little kid who depended on them to a teenager who feels like it’s all too much and that they don’t need to know your personal business and eventually you’ll grow up and realize they only meant the best for you.