Volleyball Hosts Regional


Jada Boddy and Aaliyah Huyser

This season for Woodland Park High Schools volleyball team went exceptionally well. The volleyball team had a winning season with an amazing twenty wins and five loses overall, and they had seven wins and only loss once during their conference games. Prior to regionals the panthers were ranked twelfth in state out of three hundred and thirty seven volleyball teams across Colorado. It’s obvious that the volleyball team has high goals for upcoming seasons and plan on preparing to make it to the state tournament next season.


We spoke with the head coach of the Woodland Park High School’s volleyball team and teacher, Stacey Roshek about the success the team had this year. Mrs. Roshe Has been coaching in Woodland Park between the high school and middle school for a total of about twelve years. She says that this isn’t the first time the volleyball team has been to regionals but this has been the first time that they’ve been in the position to host regionals, which is a huge accomplishment. Rosheck says, “…if we would have had better competition throughout the season we would have definitely made it to state”. The team did not play teams throughout the season that were at the same level that they faced at regionals. She says that the volleyball team wasn’t prepared and couldn’t adjust during the game against Cheyenne Mountain High School, which if they had won would have meant they would go to the state tournament.


One of the teams captains, senior Kourtney Cox, express how proud she was of her team. She explains as Mrs. Roshek did how much of an honor it is to host regionals for the first time in Woodland Park volleyball history. Kourtney says that the team could have gone to state undoubtedly and that they were just having a bad day. Kourtney explains that throughout the season the team would have really good days and some bad days, when they did have good days Kourtney says that they were amazing. Cox plays outside for the Woodland Park Panthers volleyball team, she says that personally she has been inconsistent throughout the season, she wishes she would have produced more to help her team. Kourtney explains how much of a team effort their success was, “I think everyone, every single person that was on the court or on the bench, every time that someone had to go in they did their job. And so I think we improved from the beginning of the year, some people were nervous to go in and didn’t do very well, but everyone that went in did their job at the end of the season”.


The Woodland Park community is very proud with the success that the Woodland Park volleyball team had. They had an amazing season with an incredible winning record. The panthers are working towards the state tournament for the 2019- 2020 fall season. All of the players are eagre for next season so that they can play to their full potential and see what they can do.