The Tree of Perseverance


Noah Selvin and Michael Colvin

Mrs. Ray mentioned that there is a mural being worked on in the special education room when we asked her of any new murals popping up. We managed to catch this mural in it’s very early stages. The kids are painting a mural that contains a tree and multiple leaves that they all get to paint themselves. They get to design their own leaves however they want it to be. The best part about their mural is that they are in no rush to complete it. They wish to work on it whenever they have the time to. This way can help the creative process seem less forced, and more relaxed. This sense of relaxation doesn’t mean that they haven’t worked hard on their project.

When they first began to conjure up the idea of this mural and taking action, they brought in a professional painter to teach the kids how to paint a wall. The kids then began to paint a large portion of the wall in their room a vibrant green. Now, if you’re reading this you might be thinking to yourself ,”How did they get the supplies?” All of the materials used to create the mural were donated by Sherwin Williams and Foxworth. Foxworth had given them the majority of the supplies was donated from Foxworth, while some leftover paints were donated by Sherwin Williams. These donations allowed the kids to express themselves through art.

“We teach life skills in this class,” (Carol McGill)  and with the art of the mural, they teach the children in the special education class to expand their creative mind. This creative process started with the painting of the green wall. After the green wall was painted by the students, Piper Solinski started tracing the tree onto to wall with the help of a projector and the original sketch. Once of the tracing of the tree was finished, whenever a student finished work or wanted to relax they could start designing and painting a leaf. There were some student artists that were mentioned in the special education room. They also wanted to teach them that painting is something that they can do in their free time or even if they wanted to relieve stress and take their mind off of something. Everyone has a chance to put their art on the tree being able to paint a leaf on the tree to express their own emotion and creativity.

The mural is a great way for the kids to express themselves, and it teaches them great life skills. It gives them something to be proud of, and something that they can call their own. Everybody deserves something that they put effort into and that they believe is worthy of praise. It shows how people from all backgrounds can express themselves in beautiful ways, and it’s something should be more prevalent. Be sure to stop by and ask if you can see this beautiful work-in-progress.